Released 2016-07-15
0000832: [Features] Add new color conversions (carl)
0000798: [Features] Make it easier to align 1-srt-file-per-reel with reels in an imported DCP (carl)
0000888: [Bugs] Audio stream labels can get clipped (carl)
0000886: [Bugs] Support vertical position in SSA files (carl)
0000884: [Bugs] Properties window too small for its content (carl)
0000877: [Documentation] Fix OpenSSL licence mess (carl)
0000873: [Packaging] Centos 5.3 package (carl)
0000867: [Features] Request confirm before resetting prefs (carl)
0000862: [Clean-up] Put a "prepared-for-frame-rate" property in Content (carl)
0000849: [Features] Label audio streams in the matrix (carl)
0000815: [Features] Allow specification of the video frame rate that an audio / video file was prepared for (carl)
0000814: [Clean-up] Probably makes sense to use "samples" instead of "frames" when talking about audio (carl)
0000803: [Bugs] MXF handling needs to be improved (carl)
0000804: [Bugs] Should block attempts to refer to Interop MXFs from SMPTE DCPs or vice versa (carl)
0000806: [Bugs] No 3D drop-down option for 3D DCPs (carl)
0000807: [Bugs] Incorrect assumption that all subs in FFmpeg-decoded files are bitmap (carl)
0000810: [Bugs] Play length is wrong when looking at an imported 3D DCP (carl)
0000811: [Bugs] Error in finalizing video MXF when making DCP from 3D DCP content (carl)
0000813: [Bugs] Possible problems with FFmpeg files that have text and image subs (carl)
0000591: [Features] DNxHR codec support (carl)
0000393: [Features] Guess channel allocations from WAV file names (carl)
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