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0000674DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Bugspublic2016-07-04 14:11
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Platform32 bitOSWindowsOS VersionXP SP3
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Summary0000674: Waveform view is corrupted on Windows XP 32-bit
Description1) I add file to project (whichever if m2ts, avi, ...).
2) I want play this file in prview window, but video is not start playing.
3) I start Tools -> Video waveform...
4) Video is start playing slowly, but in waveform is nothing view (only flash line sometime).
5) I close Video waveform and video start playing with normal speed as late as restart DCP-o-matic 2.

I am sorry for my English, all is show in video attached.
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2015-08-25 17:25


Video_2015-08-25_190449.wmv (1,979,560 bytes)


2015-08-25 17:41

administrator   ~0000818

OK on Linux / Windows 7.


2015-08-25 18:52

administrator   ~0000819

Play has been broken since at least 2.1.24, so probably not related to the waveform view. Waveform view works OK on XP for me (no text though, and similarly none in the the audio plot).


2015-08-25 20:07

administrator   ~0000820

Play fixed by e386b94425586760374d8e1cb16be99af09cf07f.


2015-08-25 20:08

administrator   ~0000821

I note attached video seems to have text but no plot.


2015-08-26 00:36

administrator   ~0000822

e386b94425586760374d8e1cb16be99af09cf07f was wrong; re-fixed in 7950a422f3814bb355bfa4d6a536c735fc222fc4 (removal of -ffast-math).


2015-08-27 04:36

reporter   ~0000826

In test release 2.1.46 is play OK.
I am always test on 2 different PC (desktop and notebook). Common is only WinXP SP3.

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