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0000916DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Bugspublic2018-01-15 21:57
ReportercarlAssigned Tocarl 
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PlatformMacOSOS XOS Version10.6
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Summary0000916: Nudge buttons not working
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2016-10-30 09:24

administrator   ~0001493

Can't reproduce this with current git head, checking with Carsten.


2016-10-30 12:07

administrator   ~0001494

It also happens with an mpg file. Actually, frame advance/reverse only works once after each direction change or Stop (after play) or a slider dragging.
Same behaviour with the SHIFT Key pressed - it jumps one time either forth or back, but then no more.


2016-10-30 12:08

administrator   ~0001495

Now that you say it - it is still a bit of a strange behavior on my Mac...
Yes, there are times where pressing the frame advance button multiple times simply has no effect, not on the preview image, not on the frame/time code. Well, rarely is does, one frame, especially when changing direction. Sometimes the image advances, but not the numbers, sometimes vice versa.
Play always works, as does dragging the slider. I may have to check wether it's codec related.

BTW - I just tested it with this video I downloaded some time ago, I thought you'd have fun watching it and listening to the music ;-)


2016-11-09 00:13

reporter   ~0001528

Last edited: 2016-11-09 10:43

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Seeing you are about to kill the 916 bug, here is another 'interesting'
behaviour of this nudge button command.
To verify the n x (1/n) CPU cooling 8sps to 24fps process,
I generated an srt file** carrying all the image numbers from 0s+00f to 20s+23f
to be burnt into 24fps test takes.
Observation :
-- when starting from the 0.00 position of the nudge button, the frame count
perfectly shows on each image to the end of the take.
-- when starting from any other position of the button on the timeline, the frame numbers flash at random rates depending on the re-start image phase to the timecode.
Is it that there is no resync passing through the 000ms border lines? is it there is not enough 'play' between the subtitle display duration TC and image TC?

** being 14KB, this srt file can't be sent from here, I send it to your mail box.


2016-11-09 11:44


all frames_ (14,126 bytes)


2016-11-10 07:31



2016-11-10 07:45

reporter   ~0001529

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2.9.39 at work:
(edited version due to further tests)

- Restarting playback from a position of the nudge button outside
00 frames, no longer induces an on and off flashing of the frame#
soft subtitles.

- around 20% of the time there is a one frame discrepancy between the
displayed image# subtitle and the frame counter below.
- every now and then the frame counter shows a weird 'frame 24' under image '00'
(Sarah discrepancy screen shot)


2016-11-10 10:41



2016-11-10 16:15

reporter   ~0001531

Last edited: 2016-11-10 22:35

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The frame counter shows 24 instead of 00, then jumps to 01 each time the 00:00.00 synced playback is stopped then restarted from another nudge button position.

-- waiting for v 2.11.000 ;)


2018-01-15 20:49

administrator   ~0002002

Do we need this bug still open?


2018-01-15 21:57

manager   ~0002005

I think these buttons are still hit and miss for me, seems to depend on codec/file type.

I will check again with .42 in both OS X and windows.

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