Disk Writer testing

The most important thing to remember is that this software writes directly to disks on your system, and can IRRECOVABLY DESTROY data on them. I have tried quite hard to stop it from writing to drives that you are not expecting, but THERE MAY BE BUGS. So be careful. Make sure you have backups of any data on any drives on your system that you care about. Consider testing on a machine that you can do without for a while should the worst happen.

If you select a drive that is mounted, DCP-o-matic will offer to unmount it for you. THIS SHOULD FAIL if you try it with a system disk or any disk that is in use. If it does not fail it is a bug: please report it!

Any comments or bug reports are most welcome to carl@dcpomatic.com.

Please include log files with any bug reports. The log files are located as follows:

Windows c:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Local\dcpomatic\disk.log
macOS /Users/your_user_name/Library/Preferences/com.dcpomatic/2/disk.log
Linux /home/your_user_name/.config/dcpomatic/disk.log

macOS notes

There is a .pkg as well as an .app to install. This is so we can install a privileged “helper” program that does the actual writing.

During the writing process it may pop up a window saying that the disk is unrecognised. This is because the target disk has just been made ext4 and macOS doesn't know what to do with it any more.