Exported video files out of sync - SERIOUS BUG?

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Exported video files out of sync - SERIOUS BUG?

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Hi guys,

spent hours on checking sync of 80 exported videos (all ProRes, but same problem with mp4). 12 of them were out of sync (some sec). 5 of those were created from a ProRes with 23,976 fps. The other 7 had nothing special, I could identify.
The procedure was: Created a DCP from source files like ProRes or DCP, then exported to ProRes to keep all changes like ST or sound volume in the new video file same as in DCP. As result 68 of 80 are ok. 12 have a out-of-sync sound.
Preview in DOM looks fine. Newly created DCPs are ok, too.

Take care! Hope, we find the problem.
I can send files, if it helps.

Update: Tried a lot, but the exported videos were out of sync all the time. Finally I had to give up creating ProRes or mp4 with DOM.
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