Navigating the Name field

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Anders M Olsson
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Navigating the Name field

Post by Anders M Olsson »

There's a strange problem with 2.13.22 (Windows 10, 64 bit). It's possibly the same in other recent versions as well:

It's not possible to move the cursor with the left and right arrow keys in the Name field under the DCP tab.
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Re: Navigating the Name field

Post by Carsten »

Hmm. That should have been fixed a while. Maybe it slipped back in. Arrow keys are active for navigating the preview timeline framewise, and Carl needed to sort out cursor function between playhead position and name input field.

There was a Mantis bug report a while ago, and it was reported to be fixed. In 2.13.20, the focus switches properly between name field and timeline playhead when you activate the text field or the preview slider. In 2.13.22, let's see...

Hmm, unpleasing experience - with the Sintel loaded, playback and frame advance/backwards is extremely sluggish in OS X - I always get a few seconds of the spinning wheel between actions. I can switch cursor key focus between playhead and name input field, though. Sluggish, but it works.

- Carsten
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