PNG timed-text - subtitles

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PNG timed-text - subtitles

Post by skiff »

Carl thank you for this option!! :D
I would like to test it.
How can I import the PNG? Do you have recommendations for good software to build the PNG subtitles?
Hope to work with this feature!
Thank you again.

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Re: PNG timed-text - subtitles

Post by Carsten »

I think currently the only ways to add PNG subs is by adding VOB/DVD subs (bitmap subs) with the source video, or by adding them as a DCI compatible folder of PNGs and an accompanying XML file - basically, the same what DCP-o-matic creates for PNG subs in DCPs.
What I just tested was converting a short piece of a subtitled DVD to Timed PNG, and then tried to reuse the resulting subtitle folder containing the XML and PNGs in a new project. Basically, you choose 'Add file', then select the XML containing the PNG timing. Worked without issues. At least I tested these two methods myself.

I would think that the SMPTE version, an MXF containing the PNGs and XML, would work just the same. I don't know which software currently is able to supply these formats. At least subtitle edit quotes:

'Export to PNG images (+bdn xml), Adobe Encore FAB image script, VobSub, Blu-ray sup, EBU stl, PAC, and plain text'

So I guess it wouldn't be too complicated to support the DCI PNG format as well. Maybe you should suggest it.

The attached examples are from a DVD/VOB.
These PNGs are all different resolution RGB+Alpha PNGs. Their resolution should match the DCP resolution, e.g. 1340 wide (max 2k wide) for a 2k DCP.
I think you could just as well have all PNGs with the same raster format (e.g. 2048*120) and the subs placed within them.

As far as I know, PNG is not possible/allowed for 4k DCPs in Interop format. I know a commercial high profile DCP created that way showed display problems on many servers/projectors. When they issued a new DCP to correct the issue, it used classic timed-text.

- Carsten
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Re: PNG timed-text - subtitles

Post by skiff »

Hi again
I made 4 films with PNG subtitles with Interop DCP and it worked perfectly on doremi server.
I use Subtitle Edit to make the xml and PNG for DCP o matic.

My last test has failed.
I tried to make VF and also OV from existing DCP (Interop).
The DCP was divided to reels (6).
After testing by player (easydcp player and DCP o matic player) I saw problem (no subtitles) after the first reel.

I compared two VF DCP, one xml that works fine and PNG subtitles VF doesn't work (after the first reel)
What I saw is difference in the timeframe in the xml file.
I think every xml in different reels need to start the timeframe from 00:00:00:00.

I attached the two VF DCP you can compare the xml. ... ...

Hope we can solve it
Many thanks.

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Re: PNG timed-text - subtitles

Post by ipantojafm »

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and to installing for the first time the DCP-O-MATIC program, which I have never used. The fact is that I have IDX, XML files and many small PNG images that together make up the subtitles of a movie. And I would like to be able to put the PNG images together into a single VOBSUB file, to work with IDX, and not have the heap of images loose. I have used the SUBTITLE EDIT a little, and this allows me with a VOBSUB file to download the PNG images that compose it, but I do not know how to do the opposite operation, that is, from the single images, create the VOB file. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it. But note that I have not learned how to use DCP-O-MATIC in its 5 varieties (encode server, player, batch converter, KDM creator). I await your news. Regards.

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