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servers dissapearing from Batch encoder

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 9:15 am
by damiankitai
Hello to the forum
I just built a small farm from 5 MacMinis (2018) and a Gigabit router.
Here's my problem:
I know that I need to open the batch encoder first so he can "see" the servers, and then open DOM to add jobs to the encoder. However, after the second job done by the encoder, the servers disappear from the list and appear only in DOM. Even if I close DOM and keep the encoder running, the servers don't reappear in the encoder. The only way to see again the servers in the encoder, is to close it and reopen it, but then all the jobs in the queue disappear and I need to re-add the films manually.
In short: I need DOM to add new jobs to the queue, but I need it not catching the servers so the encoder can use them. I can't open DOM while encoder works or it will lose the servers, and I can't add jobs to the encoder to work without opening DOM (except for the "add film" option in the encoder).
Any clues?
Thanks in advance