Playback speed and dropped frames

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Re: Playback speed and dropped frames

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I have just recently ran into this problem. We finally got the DCP to play on our iMac but man is it rough. Tried dropping resolution and it helped but it is still really bad. I did want to ask cause I havent seen any posts about it, but does it run any better if you were to pull it over to a different display that is a mac one? Like if you have a projector hooked up as your second screen does it play okay on that? Just trying to think of ways to get around the issue. Thanks
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Re: Playback speed and dropped frames

Post by Carsten »

Unfortunately, no solution yet. I had a discussion about this just recently with Carl, and, we still don't know exactly what is going on on these machines.

I use a 2012 MacBook Pro with a 4coreHT CPU and a 1440/900 display. It plays 2k at half decode resolution smoothly full screen, no dropped frames.

For some strange reason, modern Macs with much higher CPU performance perform much worse than that. I hope Carl can solve it soon.
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Re: Playback speed and dropped frames

Post by carl »

@mcrobie27 can we get some details? Which iMac is it? And which version of DCP-o-matic?
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