Creating KDM with KDM CREATOR

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Creating KDM with KDM CREATOR

Post by hammerto »


I succeeded to create KDM from the DCP-O-Matic Project, but it didn't work when i tried to create a KDM in the DCP-O-Matic KDM Creator.

This was my workflow:

I opened the KDM Creator > "Add Folder" > Chose a KDM DCP folder iv'e created before > Chose a Screen > Chose where to Write it > Pressed the "Create KDM" button > and nothing happend.

also tried to insert the cpl file but the KDM Creator couldn't read it.

any help?



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Re: Creating KDM with KDM CREATOR

Post by Carsten »

It doesn't work that way. The Add-Folder option is only for structuring/categorizing your DKDMs.

You need to have a DKDM stored in your creator list/config.xml, or you need to load an external DKDM for the feature from a file ('Add').

If you created the encrypted DCP yourself with DCP-o-matic, you need to open that project again and choose 'Make DKDM for DCP-o-matic'.
You can then decide to either store it in DCP-o-matic's DKDM database (part of config.xml), or write it to a separate file.

- Carsten

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