Working projectors/servers survey

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Working projectors/servers survey

Post by carl »

Hi all,

It has been suggested that it would be useful to have a list of confirmed-working combinations of DCP-o-matic version and server/projector models.

If you have witnessed the glorious sight of a DCP-o-matic-created DCP working correctly on a DCI system, if would be great to hear from you with details of:
  • The projector/media server model numbers.
    The version of DCP-o-matic.
    Any other interesting information that you can think of.
I'll make up a list to put on the website.


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Re: Working projectors/servers survey

Post by swanpool »

Hi Carl.

In a previous post I have mentioned the equipment we have at Swanpool Cinema in Victoria Australia where I am a projectionist. The cinema is a community volunteer based organisation and we have been most fortunate in securing funding recently to now have in operation a Dcinema system consisting of a Barco DP2K 10s projector, a Dolby DSS220 player with CAT745 IMB, and a Dolby CP750 Sound Processor running 7.1 channels.

Our Dcinema system was installed in September and I used DVD O Matic to convert our advertising and downloaded trailers to DCP until the recent conversion to DCP O Matic version 1.04. I have done a number of conversions some of which I have screened at the cinema. Some of the conversions have been from Ecinema .mpg files, some from DVD's and Blu-rays and others from internet downloads from you tube and vimeo.

I have just used DCP O Matic to convert a Brian Farm Digital Reel 2012 download from Vimeo and it has come up a treat on screen.

Currently I am investigating making some dedicated Encode Servers to assist the conversion process. I am looking at running a number of headless servers based on an i5 processor, 8GB of ram and booting from a 16GB USB 3.0 memory stick as per your suggestion on this site. I have used a second pc as an encode server and found it only converted a small percentage of the frames, possibly because I only have a 100 BaseT network. So I will be moving to a gigabit network.

Most of my conversions have been done on a Lenovo i7 3612QM 2.10GHz, E530 laptop with 64 Bit Win 7 Ultimate on a 128GB mSata, 8GB ram, 1TB data drive. I commonly get a conversion rate of about 3.5 fps. I am hoping the dedicated headless encode server/s with Gigabit network connection could significantly lift the conversion rate.

One thing I am finding is that DCP conversion rapidly consumes large chunks of hard drive space! A 40MB trailer download can convert to a 3GB DCP.

Hope this information is useful.

Cheers, Peter.

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Re: Working projectors/servers survey

Post by carl »

Hi Peter,

Thanks very much for all that information! Very useful indeed :)

Do let me know how things go with the extra servers. I've got some data from a guy in the states who is using quite a lot of encoding servers; I'll put it up on the website soon so you get an idea of what you might expect from running multiple machines.

And yes, one thing for sure is that you will need a lot of disc space...

Best regards

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Re: Working projectors/servers survey

Post by spantax »

Hi all

Here in Italy things are not easy for volounteer-based small one screen cinemas like us, but we're lucky enough to find some "cash" to update to digital in the past months. We install a Christie Solaria One + with integrated media block and a brand new Dolby Cp 750. We are very happy for the video and audio quality, and our public too it seems !

We use from the beginning dcpomatic for ads and trailers conversions. It's very reliable, quite easy to control and understand, and i'm quite happy about conversion performances on my macpro. Unfortunately some adds on presents on windows and linux versions are not yet available (batch conversions and so) but i'm sure Carl will work on it ! Never got problems during projections, produced dcps are perfects.

So again thanks for you gift to the "not rich" movie community !

Marco, VirtusCinema Sommacampagna, Italy

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Re: Working projectors/servers survey

Post by Atreyu »

Hi Karl.
You can add our cinema to Your compatibility list.

Klub Filmowy w Gdyni
Projector : SONY SRX-R210
Media Block\server: SONY LMT-200
Comments: DCP packages generated by most version of DCP-O-MATIC (unsigned mode) @ DVD-O-MATIC work fine, except validation procedure.

SONY 4K SRX-R210, DCI projector
SONY LMT-200, DCP compliant mediablock
Prexer AP-621, 35mm projectors
USL JSD-80D, audioprocessor

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Re: Working projectors/servers survey

Post by carl »

Thanks Maciek.

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Re: Working projectors/servers survey

Post by mighty1 »

Hi Guys,

You can add me there too. I am a projectionist at an open air cinema in Romania and i'm happy to say that our Doremi 2k4 is enchanted by your work, Carl.
I've just made several tests on it(unfortunately just ingesting, it's a bit cold for an open air projection) and worked like a charm.
I can't say that about the KDM's, my server is on our GMT(+2) and creating the KDM's with a perfect match for the DCP was a bit tricky, but i've managed to do them.

Carl, before your DCP-o-matic, i've been struggling with cinemaslides in linux. I want to congratulate you for the great work!

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