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According to Google, I'm the first one on the planet to ask this question...
(Not related to DOM per se, but this is the perfect community to ask!)

Do your DCP drives regularly have a "lost+found" folder in them (root level), alongside the DCP?
Do you delete it?

I use a "purist" method of formatting my drives, using mke2fs on Linux (I use a combination of gparted & mke2fs on PartedMagic) - ext3 with 128 inodes.
Although it's standard ext3 practice, EasyDCP Player throws a warning, since it's a root level folder that doesn't contain any packages. I don't know how various servers deal with it.
I figured it's safe to delete, because if you're trying to run fsck and recover files, you have bigger problems on your hand... and should toss away that DCP and ask for a new one. :)

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Re: lost+found

Post by Carsten »

I see that folder on many commercial DCP drives I look at. I don't think it's a problem for any server out there.

- Carsten

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Re: lost+found

Post by Mrs-DCP »

This is not a problem at all!
This folder is created as you're formatting the drive. Keeping it is ok.

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