Player tool good but needs more work.

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Player tool good but needs more work.

Post by jamiegau »

I was happy to see the Player tool in DCP-O-matic.
dcpPlayer has been withdrawn from the market. Its simply not worth the trouble for me anymore. It does have far better features and can play 3D content, adjustable lookup table etc. But any further development is not worth the return. It has not been for a long time.

So I am pointing my website at DCP-o-matic as an alternative. Tho it still needs some work.
So I would encourage extra time be set aside to improve the player tool.

Recommend you even try contacting kakadu software and see if you can embed the decoder. Its the magic that makes it work so well. Plus the directX real time XYZ-RGB. Thats never easy. I am quite impressed it DCP-O-Matic player works as well as it does. On Linux anyway. not great on windows/mac. Frame judder. Linux is good.

Tho I have been doing some long playback tests and it crashes after a while with an issue with the audio based on the error I saw.

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Re: Player tool good but needs more work.

Post by carl »

Hey James,

Thanks for your message. I'm sorry to hear about dcpPlayer.

The DCP-o-matic player was rather unplanned; it really just grew from a quick hack when I realised that some CPUs were now capable of the J2K decoding in real-time.

It would be great to spend some more time on it, although time is in short supply at the moment.

I've been in touch with Kakadu and it seems that the costs involved would be prohibitive unless I charged money for DoM. I think that would bring along a whole new set of administrative problems (managing licences and copy protection, increased support expectations etc. etc.) which I don't have time for. I'm also keen to keep the whole operation open-source if at all possible.

I'm hopeful that doing some of the work (colour conversions and scaling) with OpenGL will be worthwhile improvements for the player. I think that will also allow better control of vertical sync. That work is in hand but needs a fair bit of refinement to work properly on all platforms.

Also, as you've seen, there are some intermittent crashes which I haven't yet tracked down.

In a nutshell, since I am paying the rent by working full time at a different job it is hard to fit everything into DCP-o-matic that I would like. I'll keep trying, though!

Thanks for getting in touch, and thanks for the support you have offered to DCP-o-matic with your blog posts and videos!

All the best,
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