Creating KDMs for DCP not made with DoM

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Creating KDMs for DCP not made with DoM

Post by rtX »

I have an old film for which I have an encrypted DCP made by someone else using different software (not DoM).

1. Can I use the DoM suite to manage KDM creation etc for this DCP - obviously as long as I have a DKDM for it?
2. Is there any way of 'importing' the DCP and thereafter having full control?
3. Presuming 1 and/or 2 above are possible, which file do I need to send the manufacturer of the original DCP, so that they can issue a DKDM?

Many thanks.

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Re: Creating KDMs for DCP not made with DoM

Post by Carsten »

Provided that you get a working DKDM, you can then issue new KDMs, as well as manipulate the DCP as you wish (including export to MP4/Prores, which opens it up fully beyond the scope of DCP-o-matic). You could even make a new-unencrypted DCP from it in one go.

In order to receive a DKDM for your DCP-o-matic installation, and provided you haven't done any encrypting/DKDM issueing, etc. before, I would:

-> quit all DCP-o-matic applications if any are running
-> backup your current config to a ZIP renamed to something like:
-> delete the current config
-> upgrade your DCP-o-matic installation to the current 2.14.11 stable version
-> start DCP-o-matic, this will create a fresh config with new certificates

These five steps are only a safety measure, and should just make sure you start with a clean config. If you just installed a recent version of DCP-o-matic for the first time, they are not strictly necessary. If you have dealt with encryption before, then keep your current config, of course (but still, perform some backups).

Now, to receive a DKDM for this DCP, you need to export your decryption certificate, accessible from Preferences->Keys, and send it to 'someone else'.
You should then receive a DKDM that you may e.g. assign in DCP-o-matic main for accessing the DCP, or in KDM Creator to issue new KDMs for it.

Once this works, you should backup this DKDM, as well as the current DCP-o-matic config, again, ZIPed, to a safe place. I would be as mad as also saving a DCP-o-matic version 2.14.11 installer with it. This will guarantee that you can regain full access if your current installation is lost.

- Carsten

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