URGENT: Hash mismatch

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Re: URGENT: Hash mismatch

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I am located in NY, the festival is in LA. I am on the latest version of OSX and was using the latest version of dcp transfer.

I called DCP transfer last night and they told me to roll back to a previous version as the latest can potentially have some issues on the newest OS- something to due with paragon.

Using my original DCP output, I made a 4k and 2k dcp drive using dcp transfer. This time I verified the hashes manually after each transfer between the final dcp drive and the original dcp, and they checked out.

Unfortunately I do not have the old dcp drives to cross reference with.

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Re: URGENT: Hash mismatch

Post by Carsten »

It's not that we have issues around Paragon daily, but, they pop up every now and then...


and especially this one:


When is this DCP due to be played in LA? Being in LA, they will probably not accept NTFS drives for DCP delivery (just an assumption)?
Interesting to know, though, that they use dcp_inspect.

- Carsten

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