DCP-o_Matic Export Error

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DCP-o_Matic Export Error

Post by Colm_connolly »

Hi All,

New to the forum but a frequent user. Am getting an error with the last two DCDM's i've been making DCP's from. Both errors say something along the lines of "File Not Found path to folder name. read/write(23)". The folder the error is referring to is my output folder. I thought after the first DCDM/DCP error that it was corrupt tiffs but now I assume it has has something to do with either the software or the folder/drive i'm outputting to.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: DCP-o_Matic Export Error

Post by carl »

A good starting point would be the log file from inside your project folder. Please could you email it to carl@dcpomatic.com ?

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Re: DCP-o_Matic Export Error

Post by Carsten »

The folder you have your project and hence DCP created in - is that an external drive, maybe with an 'alien' filesystem?

- Carsten

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