Drive In Movie Theatre

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Drive In Movie Theatre

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Hello all,

I hope this topic finds you well.

I know this isn't related to DOM, but there are some smart people on here.

The theatre that I currently work at is looking to start a Drive-In Movie Theatre. I need assistance with finding the appropriate equipment to get it started.

First off, we need a projector and a screen.

For the projector, we DO NOT NEED A CINEMA PROJECTOR. We are looking for something low cost, that has good picture quality.

For the screen, we are looking for something that would be appropriate for around 50 cars. We cannot use the side of a building. I don't know how to set the screen up so it stands up, but we need something like that. Probably a screen around 17" wide and 10" high.

For the sound, we were talking about some FM transmitter that would send audio to a channel for the cars to tune-in to, but do we need a cinema processor, etc.?

Since no studios are releasing films until around July, we will only be playing movies via DVD.

Any other necessary equipment comments would be much appreciated.

Thank you for any and all feedback.

- Jake S.

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