OCAP, problem, help, please!

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Re: OCAP, problem, help, please!

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carl wrote: Thu Oct 15, 2020 3:11 pm Can you please send metadata.xml files from any projects where you have seen this missing font problem happening?
Version 2.15.81
sorry, but metadata from wrong project was deleted
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Re: OCAP, problem, help, please!

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Well, I just sent the metadata of such an occasion.
I guessed that it would be a matter of time until I get this happening again.

What I did at first, on a 2.14.33 version, was to use the subtitles out of an .mkv file. Interop, 24fps.
The font was missing in the DCP's subtitles folder.

I then, tried to use the DCP on another computer, with version 2.14.47 and then add the .xml file of it separately, to re-make the DCP with another name.
I found that the second time I also got it wrong. Meaning that, again, the subtitles' folder didn't have a font file.

Lastly, I converted the .xml file into an .srt one and tried again.
That worked.
The downside on that, of course, is that positioning capabilities between interop and srt subtitles are vastly different.

In any case, Carl, you have something to investigate, when possible.
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Re: OCAP, problem, help, please!

Post by Carsten »

I remember that we had a case recently where the font was missing. But I think that was with SMPTE, I have to look it up. It was a somewhat special case.

It' s also important to look at the XML subtitle file if there actually is a font file referenced in it.
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