Playback Feature request!

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Barak Epstein
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Playback Feature request!

Post by Barak Epstein »

With potential real time playback enhancements coming for DCP player, could a driver be written for AJA or Blackmagic Devices that can playback 12G SDI to a DCI P3 Monitor? Such as the ATOMOS NEON 24" which has native full DCI color space and pixel count?

I would love to use DCP O Matic / player more as a pro QC tool rather than always needing a proper cinema for QC.

- Barak
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Re: Playback Feature request!

Post by carl »

Hi Barak
I can't think of any reason why this can't be done. The sticking points would really just be development time and lack of hardware to test on. I don't really know anything about the hardware - what's the cheapest thing that I could buy to test such a driver, were I to develop one?
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Re: Playback Feature request!

Post by Carsten » ... s/W-DLK-05

As far as I know, BMD offers driver support for Windows, Mac and some Linux. ... d-playback

- Carsten
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