DCP Player freezes with KDM

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DCP Player freezes with KDM

Post by mcrobie27 »

Hello everyone. I am relatively new to the world of DCPs and playing cinema packages. I work for a theater that does traditional plays and concerts but with the recent pandemic we are looking for other means of income including trying to play moves. Now we don't have a full cinema server set up to play DCPs. We are trying to see if we can pull it off with our current gear. Our current gear list consists of the DCP hard drive with a usb hard drive sleeve, into a new iMac via USB, then out from the iMac to a QSC cinema converter via HDMI, then out of the converter to a Barqo projecter via HDMI (for video), and then to Myer processors (for the audio portion). We are trying to use the DCP-O-Matic player to play the DCP but when I load the DCP it says it needs the kdm. I go to add the kdm that we had sent to us with the proper Leaf cert from the cinema distributor and when I select it, it just gives me the loading wheel and the app becomes un responsive. We have tried just about as many options as we can think of and it still keeps freezing. We are also digesting the files from our hard drive and not from the DCP drive to prevent any uploading problems. Anyone know what we might be doing wrong.
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Re: DCP Player freezes with KDM

Post by carl »

Hi, what version of DCP-o-matic are you using? At this point, for playback, I would advise trying the test version:


as it will probably work better. Let us know how you get on!
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Re: DCP Player freezes with KDM

Post by scozz76 »

Is the KDM you were supplied with for DCP-O-Matic player or the projectors IMB ?
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Re: DCP Player freezes with KDM

Post by Carsten »

As far as I understood, they don't have an IMB/media block (yet).

@ mcrobie27 - what type of Barco projector is it?
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