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Coming back home to DCP-o-matic

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No complaints, just an amusing story of how DOM still has the ability to beat commercial alternatives...

I had experimented with DOM for a few months but then transitioned pretty much exclusively to Davinci Resolve for DCP output, as it was fast and the convenience of doing everything in one package was nice. Until..... I created a 7.1 DCP in Resolve and took it to the theater I work for (everything prior had been 5.1). Fired it up, only to notice right away that the back surround channels were missing. Watched the level outputs of the CP750 processor, and sure enough, the back surrounds were silent.

Fire up MediaInfo and see that the DCP has an 8 channel audio file. Then I notice in the CP750 menus that it purposely ignores channels 7 and 8 because those are meant to carry VI and HI information. So I go and try every other export option in Resolve I can (including ye olde Interop), and still always end up with an 8 channel audio file.

Long story short, 7.1 DCP's created with Resolve do not adhere to the reliable 7.1 channel mappings that are used by virtually every commercial DCP distribution out there. So there's a good chance it won't work right on your system...

Enter DOM. Bring in video, bring in audio, set it to 7.1. Map the two back surrounds to the right channels in the output matrix. Bring it to the theater. BOOM, back surrounds work just fine.

Kinda shoots holes in the whole argument that only commercial software should be used for DCP creation.

Keep up the good work.
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Re: Coming back home to DCP-o-matic

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It's nice to hear a success story! Thanks for passing it on!
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