DCP in 4k jpeg2000 Bitrat? (urgently)

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DCP in 4k jpeg2000 Bitrat? (urgently)

Post by Sepe021 »

Hola a todos, soy una persona sorda. Te pido urgente una respuesta. Para proyectar una película en DCP en 4k (mi película mov.HQ), ¿qué es más adecuado? ¿Bitrate 250 o 400?. Para evitar problema en la sala de cine.
Hello everyone, I am a deaf person. I urgently ask you for an answer. To project a movie in DCP in 4k (my movie mov.HQ), what is more suitable? Bitrate 250 or 400 ?. To avoid trouble in the movie theater.
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Re: DCP in 4k jpeg2000 Bitrat? (urgently)

Post by IoannisSyrogiannis »

I don't understand if your deafness has to do with the movie. If you are trying to say that there is no audio and hence less bitrate to deal with there or something else.
I presume it's irrelevant and say that you need to keep things bellow 250 Mbits per second and hence I would advice you to not go over 235 or similar.
Even that, I consider "too much info" that will just bloat the DCP with data that don't make the presentation better.
Yet, as a person that receives a lot of DCPs, regular distribution and home-made, I would say that creators enjoy a big file for a movie.
I guess it has to do with reassurance: "Too much will never be too little".

Changing to small-chat and out of subject, most times I doubt there is any benefit taken out of 4K.
It needs a certain screen width and a certain proximity for the human eye to process the extra pixels and often enough, the projector is 2K, the screen is too narrow for that, the point of view is too far, the content not demanding, etc.
If I was creative in such a manner, I would be more demanding on other aspects, like lighting, sound, focus, and similar that I constantly find that fail in what I receive.
But it's your film and your (urgent) decision to make.
Good luck with the screening!
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Re: DCP in 4k jpeg2000 Bitrat? (urgently)

Post by Carsten »

Some 4K capable systems are not able to render 400MBit/s DCPs. They will crash.

400MBit/s is NOT a requirement for 4K - it is a 'soft' requirement for High Frame Rate.

Stay slightly below 250MBit/s in order to avoid problems. I recommend 230MBit/s.
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