New verifier issues with IOP

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New verifier issues with IOP

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Howdy everyone (and Carl!).
We do a lot of trailer DCPs, and one of the issues we've been having is that the distributor (ever eager to find new, random faults to point out in other people's work that don't matter) seems to have come up with new "problems" with IOP Trailer DCPs. In particular, we've been getting the following errors on our IOP DCPs lately:

Error - cpl=038dbdea-1c3e-4f2b-8dca-56f90e2bca85; ContentVersion's LabelText child element is missing
Description: ContentVersion requires both an Id and LabelText child element.
Remediation: Create a new CPL file updating the ContentVersion to include both Id and Labeltext elements with valid values.

Error - cpl=038dbdea-1c3e-4f2b-8dca-56f90e2bca85; IOP CPL - RatingList element is not empty
Description: The RatingList elements must be empty for Interop CPLs. Empty RatingList element must be presented as ''.
Remediation: Create a new CPL, removing all Ratings from the RatingList. If Rating(s) are required for this content, the new CPL must be SMPTE. This will require creation of SMPTE MXFs.

I know this is chasing your tail quite a bit, and these issues probably don't matter much, but is there any way to address these errors going forward? IOP not being handle RatingList elements at all is a new one on me, but there we go.
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Re: New verifier issues with IOP

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I'm happy to try and keep these distributors happy, within reason! What version of DCP-o-matic are you using to make your DCPs? I just made an Interop one with the latest stable and as far as I can see these two errors are not included...

Perhaps you could also attach/send a CPL that attracted these complaints ( if you want to email).
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Re: New verifier issues with IOP

Post by Carsten »

Maybe sometimes it would be good to ask these distributors to what spec, standard or verification tool they listen to.
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