White flashes on screening

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Re: White flashes on screening

Post by carl »

That "error 1" probably does indicate a corrupt frame at that point.
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Re: White flashes on screening

Post by julipe »

So, it's been three weeks and three screenings, and I haven't had anymore problem. What I did is essentially make sure that I encode the DCPs without interruption, and I've stopped using the external hard drive that seemed to have connecting problems. In conclusion it seems that it was more a hardware/transfer problem than an DCP-o-matic problem, and I'll leave it at that if I don't run into anymore trouble.
Thanks everyone for helping!
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Re: White flashes on screening

Post by Carsten »

That's a useful explanation. I guess it's difficult for DCP-o-matic to immediately track errors like this that happen during encoding. I have actually seen a flash frame in a DCP that was commercially mastered by one of the big boys.

But the inspection features of the player should at least identify invalid frames, which is different from integrity/hash checking which can only identify errors between successful encoding and transfer/storage/ingest.
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