Idle CPUs - Color Cartel Protein Folding against COVID-19

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Idle CPUs - Color Cartel Protein Folding against COVID-19

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Hey all!

There may be some of you here who remember the SETI@Home project a few years ago, which used distributed processing and idle CPUs to help analyze radio telescope data. I thought this group would be great for sharing (if you haven't heard of it) a related project that is doing the same to help find a cure for COVID-19. I learned about this from Patrick Inhofer's Tao of Color newsletter, they have a team set up and in these slow times it's still nice to see our CPUs are able to do something productive. I've joined the Color Cartel team but if there's some interest would be happy to set up a DOM Team!

Copying from PI here:
Speaking of tough times...

Check out the postscript to this introduction about the Tao Newsletter's protein folding team! Let's use our collective compute power (which is considerable) to help the researchers target drugs that interrupt COVID-19 and let us all get back to normal. Run simulations on your computer's downtime and feel good about contributing to science with those awesome rigs many of us own!

The Color Cartel Protein Folding Update - The Color Cartel team [ ... amid=19614 ] is rocking! We are a Top 5% team and climbing. Most team members are in the Top 25% of all 'protein folders'. Several are in the Top 1% and 5%. Join Rosetta@home -, set up an account, and connect to the team!
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