Black and White Source

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Black and White Source

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Hi there,
my first post. I made tests of DCP-o-matic and there are some things that confuse me:

First, the footage:
The footage is Black and White, 10 bit ProRes 4444, 1920x1080, Surround 5.1/24/48

ProRes 4444 was used because the original footage was colour and
a lot of color correction had to be done before to make the black and white look better.
I.e. more reds in a sky in color result in darker skies for black and white.
So I kept to "overkill" 4444 from beginning to the end.

In DCP-o-matic, I set the highest data rate of 250mBit/s.

I did this on the assumption that black and white images would never peak at 250mBit/s
so the result would have a lower datarate anyway. But I seem to be wrong here:

A 2 Min. test created a DCP-Folder of 6.5gb with 250mBit/s and sightly over 6 with 235mBit/s.
And I get stuttering playback over a drive attached via USB-3 to my Mac.

Can I expect lower data rates for black and white source material?

Can I check the bandwidth of the DCP in DCP-o-matic or in the player?

What would be the ideal settings for a very detailed B/W source?

Some bug seems to be in the player:
The image gets brighter when changing to fullscreen.
Best, Herbert
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