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I'am trying to find a way to prepare some DCP and then encode them over night. I have found that dcpomatic2_cli car start the encoding. This is great so I can prepare DCP's with the GUI and then run it via scripts. I have a question about the "json server":

dcpomatic2_cli -j seems to start a json server on a defined port. I use it and a server is listening on my defined port but that is all.

"curl --request GET --url http://localhost:8080 --header 'Accept: application/json'" get nothing and the console show only: "request: / reply:"

Is that a REST API to command dcpomatic ? Is it documentation ?

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Re: dcpomatic2_cli

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At the moment the JSON server is very limited; all you can do is request /?action=status and some JSON will be returned with the progress of the job. It's left over from some experiments a long time ago in making an online (web-based) version of DCP-o-matic.
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