Computing Digets taking forever!

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Computing Digets taking forever!

Post by paddyb »

I've been making a feature DCP, which took the usual amount time of time, right and the end of the process, where the clock went back to zero and a it is now "Computing Digests", with an eta of 36 hours! I can't remember this stage bgefore, but it was probably very quick.

Screening in two hours, can anything be done?
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Re: Computing Digets taking forever!

Post by Carsten »

Navigate to the project folder, open the log file with a text editor. Paste the last few lines here in this thread.

Which version are you using?

Normally, it should be safe to cancel digest calculation and restart the encoding after e.g. a reboot. The existing MXFs should be reused and the new creation should take only the normal time for digest calculation.
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Re: Computing Digets taking forever!

Post by carl »

Is your project on a local hard drive / firewire / USB?
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