DCP and Dolby Vision + ATMOS

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DCP and Dolby Vision + ATMOS

Post by Dag »

Hi, how can I create a DCP with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos data?
I have a deliverable IMF with both video and audio files.
Choosing folder for import it want work, choosing file and load the CPL xml I got a lot of errors.
Choosing the MXF files it self load it in but I do not see the Dolby Vision/Atmos metadata so I can verify if it comes with it and would be recognized on playback.

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Re: DCP and Dolby Vision + ATMOS

Post by Jaume(Dolby) »

Currently, Theatrical Vision only can play at about 250 DOLBY CINEMA Worldwide

Colour is FULL (Not ZYZ). and different metadata than IMB
To QC/Colour, you NEED a PROJECTOR DCI with CUSTOM Dolby Vision Integrated Media


The IMF Atmos audio is specked to be created with a BROADCAST tool/editor.
But the Atmos master is NOT listened in "Theatre Layout"

Atmos at Theaters has significant differences playing respect a broadcast Atmos
- Uses until 64 Schannels rendering
- Bass management specific for surround channels
Different listening curve....

So, instead that it's possible convert from a IAB or even mobile phone to DCP Atmos, is not a good idea because you don't know what is listening later
The current approach is move with your Atmos/IAB master to a CERTIFIED Theatrical Atmos Studio and in few hours modulate your mix, objects, LFE and surround subs to appropiayte level and correct eq curve. Create the MXF Atmos, and deliver to DCP Authoring this MXF

I hope DCP-o-Matic can implement easy. Need Package as:
- From SMPTE MXF PCM Audio Track with 7.1 and *ALMOST* 14 channels (silent audio in unused)
- erase channel 14 and create Atmos Timecode with public ASDCP library
- Include the Atmos MXF delivered from studio ias AUX data in Package


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Re: DCP and Dolby Vision + ATMOS

Post by igit »

Hi Jaume,
i have question about ATMOS
If i have a DCP SMPTE with Atmos track i can simply replace 5.1 sound to local dubbed?
No need recreate Atmos MXF?
Yes, i know to need create 14 tack with sync
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