Creating DKDM for another vendor

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Creating DKDM for another vendor

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Hi all,

Have read through the forums but can't seem to find the exact answer I'm looking for. We need to create an encrypted DCP and DKDM for another vendor so they can create KDM's for individual cinemas.

Is it possible to create a DKDM for them, regardless of what software they end up using to create the KDM's? We have tried using the 'Make DKDM for DCP-o-matic' option but can not get that DKDM to work on another machine (only works on the machine that created it)

Have also tried to export a decryption key certificate from our second test computer and import that as a cinema screen through the KDM generator but doing it that way forces us to input a start and end time for the KDM and we don't want it to expire.

Do we need them to send us a certificate for their computer first before we can do any of this?

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Re: Creating DKDM for another vendor

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Importing a certificate as a screen (as you mention) is the right way to do it. They will need to send you a certificate to import. You have to specify start/end dates but as far as I know these will be ignored by any system which makes new KDMs.

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