Possible to Fix a Single Frame in my DCP?

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Possible to Fix a Single Frame in my DCP?

Post by ainsophaur » Sun Aug 04, 2019 8:07 pm

Is it possible to make a VF with a single frame fix without having to re-encode my entire DCP?

I made a 4K DCP and the first frame, which is supposed to be black, came out as a flash frame (white). I cannot deliver the DCP with that white frame. Anyone know if DOM can do a correction for a frame or a piece of the DCP?

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Re: Possible to Fix a Single Frame in my DCP?

Post by Carsten » Sun Aug 04, 2019 8:52 pm

Create a new project, same name as the existing DCP, all DCP parameters the same. Add the pre-existing DCP and use Trim from start 0:0:0:1 under 'Timing' to slice of just the first frame (incl.audio). Make DCP. This will only copy the existing frames and audio to a new DCP without re-encoding (you will notice it will go quite fast). The easiest and safest way to recreate without unintended alterations is to reopen the project you initially used to create the DCP (if it still exists). Delete all prexisting content, add DCP with flash frame, trim. That makes sure all parameters are the same for source and target DCP.

There are multiple ways to do this, though. If the DCP with the flash frame has been created with DCP-o-matic with single reels, you could also just add the MXF files as content and again, trim. However, in that case, when trimming away the first frame, you need to trim both the video and the audio mxf separately. Reusing the full DCP is safer.

Some people may suggest to edit the in-point of the CPL file with a text editor - that is really easy to do, but, if you are not experienced in editing XML, and recalculating hashes, it will fail.

- Carsten

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