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*SOLVED* Unable to encode with encode server

Posted: Sun Mar 28, 2021 7:50 am
by scorpio81
Hi everyone!
Using the latest stable version on both host machine (Debian 10) and encode server machine (Win 8.1) I'm unable to use the encode server. I keep getting the same messages in server status window: 'Error: error during async_read (2)' and 'Error: error during async_read (1236)'. I have trashed settings on both machines and recreated a new ones (as Carsten previously reported that it helped him) but no effect. I have even tried using another encode server machine on Win 7 with the latest DOM version - still no effect.
Switching machines doesn't help either. Now running encode server on Debian and main program on Win I keep getting the following messages in server status window: 'Error: error during async_write (125)', 'Send failed'.
Running server on the same machine as the main program works fine.

UPD: Changing MTU on Debian machine from 9000 to auto solved the problem