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FreeDcpPlayer - a beta test player

Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2022 9:25 am
by johel
Hi !

As a dcp-o-matic user from 2017, I used it successfully for generating DCP for my short films, it is really a nice tool !
However on my relatively old computer, it was not posssible to play the DCP in real time before to check it in a cinema.
Thus, I developped my own free open source player, in a beta state for PC , Windows 10 and Linux (Ubuntu 20).
It requires an Nvidia GPU with a Pascal or more recent architecture.
It is also limited to 2k DCP, with stereo or 5.1 soundtrack, and optionally subtitles, unencrypted.

It can be usefull for independant filmakers, but the DCP parsing is not as good as the Dcp-o-matic, so it can be seen as a complementary tool.
Don't hesitate to test it.
A freedcpplayer.log file can be generated to see errors and timing information.

Binaries for Windows are provided. Just download the main zip file, and uncompress it before running "FreeDcpPlayer.exe"

Thank you Carl for email exchange!