DCP-o-matic 2.16.5 released

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DCP-o-matic 2.16.5 released

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The DCP-o-matic project is proud to announce the release of DCP-o-matic 2.16.5.

2.16.x brings some useful new features and improvements over the 2.14.x series:
  • Linux-formatted DCP drives can be written from macOS or Windows using the Disk Writer.
  • Player performance is improved.
  • DCPs can be combined using the Combiner.
  • The DCP verifier built into the player is much improved.
  • A number of new SMPTE DCP features are supported (CPL metadata, markers etc.)
  • There is full support for Apple Silicon (M1) processors.
  • Subtitle export is possible.
...and lots of other good stuff.

A huge thanks to everyone for your continued support.

All the best,
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