SRT Timing does not work

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Re: SRT Timing does not work

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Made some additional tests. It does not depend on saving the project in DOM.
There's a workaround for now, but it would be great, if you'd find the bug. This function worked all the years before very well.

I'v added a link, where you can find a short test sequence with all necessary files. Black video and a .srt: counting subtitles: "5, 6, 7, 8, 9" in sync with the corresponding seconds in video. "5" on 0:00:05:00 and s.o. Then the ST Timing is set to +2 sec in DOM. The "5" should appear on 0:00:07:00, the "6" on 0:00:08:00 and s.o.
I made two DCPs, one with Batch converter, one directly from DOM. In DOM Player you can see the difference. The one created with Batch Converter has the "5" on 0:00:05:00, which is wrong.

I am using a Mac, OS 12.5.1, and the most recent DOM version of today.
...hoping the best ... t-wuez2986
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