Scheduled For Release 2019-10-01
0001521: [Features] Support more widgets for instant-i18n
0001518: [Features] Add 'a' keypress to enable/disable audio during playback in player and DCP-o-matic preview
0001515: [Bugs] ISDCF name does not include CCAP details
0001513: [Clean-up] When creating ISDCF name, parse the film name only until the first underscore
0001507: [Features] When clicking into the audio graph, jump to source/timeline preview position of that sample
0001509: [Bugs] Allow specification of video levels in inputs
0001504: [Features] Scaling option to leave space at the bottom of the frame
0001498: [Features] Advanced options in KDM creation for watermarking needs an audio channel selection, and flipped default checkboxes
0001487: [Features] Should player automatically access (D)KDMs from config DKDM list?
0001485: [Bugs] Timeline dragging is slow
0001484: [Features] Allow multiple drag of content position in the timeline
0001483: [Bugs] Shouldn't recursively search DCP directories for DCPs unless the root contains ASSETMAP{,.xml}
0001482: [Features] Matrix for configuring playback audio channel mappings
0001476: [Bugs] GetVersionEx does strange things after Windows 8
0001471: [Features] Clear indication of JPEG2000 passthrough/reprocessing
0001462: [Features] Support rectangle backgrounds in ASS
0001225: [Bugs] Player colour difference wrt Easy DCP
0001161: [Features] Give nicer error on supplying an incorrect KDM
0001413: [Bugs] Cropping slow with some files
0001475: [Bugs] Slow import of WAVs (carl)
0001470: [Bugs] Assorted 3D problems (including subtitle placement) (carl)
0000887: [Features] Allow removal of video and audio from a FFmpeg file to leave just subtitles
0001431: [Features] Investigate opengl canvas for rendering preview/player.
0000782: [Features] CPL metadata
0000400: [Features] Copy to external distribution drive (carl)
0001474: [Bugs] Incorrect padding around the player (carl)
0001480: [Clean-up] Move certificate download accounts into to the cert download function
0001304: [Features] SMPTE FFMC (carl)
0001375: [Bugs] Colour accuracy in the player probably isn't great
0001443: [Packaging] Check testing branch of mxe for Windows build
0001310: [Bugs] Don't make KDMs that have validity ranges longer than their signers / targets (if that's possible)
0000448: [Features] Skip entire fake write pass if we have all video data
0001380: [Features] Could check MXF hashes from info file as the CPL/PKL hashes are being calculated
0001382: [Features] verzoek om AES r128
0001355: [Bugs] Can't make VF with video from one DCP and audio from another
0001376: [Features] Allow import of PNG subs from XML+PNG files
0001220: [Features] Support drag and drop of DCPs onto the player
0001381: [Features] Hash/checksum data transferred over the network for encoding servers
0001233: [Features] Some way of seeing the bounding box of all subs in a piece of content
0001307: [Features] Dark theme
0001472: [Bugs] Sudden video freezes in DCP-o-matic Player, followed by crash (carl)
0001477: [Features] Introduce Autocrop/Letter/Pillarbox detection (carl)
0000832: [Bugs] Fix colour conversions (carl)
0001430: [Features] Order parallel audio tracks in timeline view by DCP channel order (carl)
0001297: [Features] When playing without audio in standalone player, indicate 'fps' instead of 'skipped frames'. (carl)
0001280: [Features] Enhance smart file handling on content import, especially for audio/reels (carl)
0001500: [Features] Add export/save option for KDM creator, so to save individual file based (D)KDMs from Creators list (config.xml) (carl)
0001519: [Bugs] Removing leaf cert from signing chain dialogue does not pop up any warning. (carl)
0001520: [Features] Check consistency of signer and decryption chains on startup (carl)
0001517: [Bugs] investigate 4k DCP playback in player and DCP-o-matic main. (carl)
0001460: [Features] QUBE certificate download (carl)
0001459: [Bugs] Can locked_sstream go? (carl)
0001189: [Features] Add some option to perform audio analysis / EBU R128 analysis arbitrarily (carl)
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