Scheduled For Release 2020-01-01
0001628: [Bugs] Analyze audio always freezes
0001627: [Bugs] Crash on replacing some content file
0001625: [Bugs] Subtitle shadow rendering looks weird
0001624: [Bugs] PE:
0001578: [Bugs] Audio channel map layout goes wrong when scrolled right
0001574: [Bugs] Long pause on 99% with no progress updates if it has to copy rather than hardlinking
0001555: [Bugs] No mfplat.dll on Windows XP, so I think we need to remove the WASAPI driver from that build
0001562: [Features] Better error on trying to load a .der-format certificate
0001559: [Bugs] Can't make audio map visible on 1024x768 resolution
0001556: [Bugs] White line at the bottom of full-screen playback display
0001553: [Bugs] Audio a few seconds out of sync on OSX with USB audio interface
0001548: [Bugs] File chooser for player debug log file does not allow you to specify a new file
0001622: [Bugs] Notarize/whatever stuff for Catalina (carl)
0001568: [Bugs] assertion failure at when analysing audio (carl)
0001561: [Bugs] MXF PNG subtitle writing fails if there are many subs (carl)
0001565: [Bugs] -114 failure when making a 3D DCP with 2D content marked as 3D (carl)
0001557: [Bugs] Channel group names overlap in the mapping view (carl)
0001551: [Bugs] Butler full with no video when using yadif (carl)
0001545: [Bugs] Player chokes on DCPs using PNG subs (carl)
0001547: [Bugs] Possible to unset the video frame rate on, e.g. DCPContent, which causes crashes at the end of encoding. (carl)
0001523: [Bugs] Set default/install data rate to 150MBit/s (carl)
0001510: [Clean-up] Issue Warning/request confirm before deleting a DKDM in KDM Creator (carl)
0001506: [Bugs] Starting player in fullscreen mode (single monitor) and pressing 'play' (SPACE) crashes the player (carl)
0001496: [Clean-up] Sort list of created CPLs in KDM windows/DKDM window, so that the latest created CPL is the active one (carl)
0001495: [Bugs] Failure to make VF when trimming a multi-reel OV (carl)
0001491: [i18n] Line 127 in src/wx/ needs to be marked as translatable (carl)
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