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0001169DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Featurespublic2019-02-01 00:30
ReporterCarstenAssigned Tocarl 
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Summary0001169: Always warn if frame rates other than 24(2D) or 48(3D) is set for DCP, even if SMPTE wrapping is active

A warning should always come up prior to DCP generation if frame rates other than 24(2D) or 48(3D) are set for DCP, even if SMPTE wrapping is active. Too many people generate HFR DCPs without noticing the potential problems on HD-SDI or other non-HFR enabled systems.

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duplicate of 0001441 resolvedcarl Always throw warnings with non standard frame rates 24fps-2D/48fps-3D), no matter wether Interop or SMPTE. 



2018-01-15 21:24

reporter   ~0002003

I assume 25 fps / SMPTE does not pose a problem for HD-SDI?
So it should be excluded from this warning.


2018-01-15 22:02

manager   ~0002007

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There are systems in the field that can not play 25fps (or 30fps) at all, no matter wether in Interop or SMPTE. So, I guess that warning still applies, if formulated appropriately. Common recommendation is to restrict yourself to 24fps, that is, having a minor slowdown, or to provide separate Versions, one 24fps, one 25 fps.

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