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0001311DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Bugspublic2018-11-08 01:42
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Summary0001311: Creating 24/25 fps DCP from 50fps source seems to create slow motion, not a dropped frame version?

Err... maybe a mistake on my side. At least I tested it now with a 50fps numbered frame sequence, and it looks as if DCP-o-matic is doing everything as expected - I can see from the dropped frame numbers that 50->25 and 50->24 is done correctly. Now testing again with my original MTS file...

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I just tried to create a 25 and 24 fps DCP from a 50fps MTS - it looks as if the DCP is created with a 50fps->25fps slowdown, instead of dropping every other frame (and then a slowdown to 24fps for the 24fps version).

Carl - can you check? Maybe we need to redefine the set of rules for best frame rate conversions?

  • Carsten
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2018-05-24 12:48

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Hmm. Looks as if the DCP creation from image sequences with frame rate conversion (drop frames) works okay, but from my 50fps camera footage (50fps Sony MTS), it is not dropped frame, but slowed down, both for 50->25 and 50->24 fps.
Maybe I am making something up, but...

Can you check this Carl?


2018-07-27 00:38

manager   ~0002577

needs more testing, ignore for now...


2018-11-08 01:42

administrator   ~0002758

OK, I'll close it, thanks.

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