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0001328DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Bugspublic2019-02-09 14:29
ReporteroverlookmotelAssigned Tocarl 
PriorityhighSeveritycrashReproducibilityhave not tried
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PlatformMacOSMac OSOS Version10.12.6
Product Version2.12.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001328: Error when trying to make DCP from Quicktime + DCP where trim set on both

I tried to make a DCP from 2 bits of content together:

  1. Quicktime ProRes file (25fps, 42s00f long)
  2. DCP (made by DCP-o-matic 2.12.6) (25fps, approx 1h30m long)

I set start trim on the ProRes to 00s01f.
I set start trim on the DCP to 41s24f.

To explain: I already made a DCP of this film, but now need to make amendments to the opening sequence. So am trying to insert the new opening sequence (ProRes) and copy rest of the frames from the 1st DCP. The reason for the 1 frame discrepancy between length of ProRes (42s00f) and trim on source DCP (41s24f) is that the first frame of the ProRes is blank and being trimmed off.

Making the DCP as 25fps. Container size is Flat (both in the source DCP and output DCP). So the frames from the source DCP are not being re-encoded.

I click "Make DCP" and after a while it stops with error:
"Error: Programming error at ../src/lib/ 2 vs 138063"

I'm not sure at what point in the process the error came up as I set it going and then left it alone for a while. The error was there when I came back.

DCP-o-matic 2.12.6 on an iMac. No network encoding nodes.

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2018-06-25 16:18

reporter   ~0002488

Further observation:

I also tried to get around the problem by:

  • encoding the short ProRes to DCP (trimming off the first frame in the process)
  • creating a new DCP-o-matic project to join that DCP with the main DCP (same one as used above)
  • DCP 1 had no trim applied
  • DCP 2 had start trim set to 41s24f (as above)

I got the same error as above.
Error happened at the end of the "computing digests" stage.

It appears it either DOM does not like joining 2 DCPs together or (more likely) it doesn't like the trim start on 2nd source DCP.


2018-06-25 18:45

reporter   ~0002489

Further update:

I finally succeeded by:

  • Creating DCP from DCP 2 only with start trim applied (i.e. creating new DCP with the opening sequence trimmed off the start) - call this DCP 3
  • Creating DCP from DCP 1 + DCP 3 with no trim on either source DCP

This did not produce an error.

I therefore conclude that what caused the error was: trying to create a DCP from 2 sources where trim is applied to the 2nd source and the 2nd source is a DCP. I have not tested to see if the same problem occurs if the 2nd source is a Quicktime file.

Sorry it's taken me 3 posts to properly pin down the problem!


2018-07-09 18:31

administrator   ~0002523

Do you know what your reel mode setting ("reels" in the DCP tab) was?


2018-07-10 15:56

reporter   ~0002527

Thanks for looking into this. Reel mode setting was "Single reel".


2019-02-07 21:52

administrator   ~0003051

Could possibly be fixed by 3af7c0760164299e425a834b952846151109d137


2019-02-08 21:31

administrator   ~0003059

If you get the chance, perhaps you could test this again once 2.14.0 is released, to see if it's still a problem.


2019-02-09 14:29

reporter   ~0003062

Thanks Carl. Yes I will do when it's released.

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