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0001386DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Bugspublic2018-10-20 05:05
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Platformx86_64OSFedoraOS Version27
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Summary0001386: seeking on slider or deleting audio file from re-opened project results in crash

see below!

Steps To Reproduce
  • create new project
  • add video file (for example an .mkv)
  • add an audio file
  • save project
  • quit DOM
  • restart DOM
  • open project
  • click on time slider OR try to delete the audio file
    ==> crash!
Additional Information

See screenshot of error in attached picture.

Just tried with DOM 2.13.62, but noticed it with 2.13.61 and 2.13.57 too.

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2018-10-20 05:05


crash.png (15,022 bytes)
crash.png (15,022 bytes)

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