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Summary0001711: Use a different key than F11 for full screen on macOS

As it's bound to Mission Control by default (?)

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2020-01-16 11:06

manager   ~0003713

I see no trouble with F11. On a Mac, all F-Keys per default have special functions like volume, play, etc., and the actual F-functions need to be called by adding a special key (e.g. FN on notebooks). This is configurable in keyboard settings.

Did someone complain?


2020-01-16 15:56

administrator   ~0003714

Somebody said they had to turn off Mission Control before they could hit F11...?

Also, they suggested Cmd+ for preferences.


2020-01-17 21:28

manager   ~0003715

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I think the default setting for mission control is F3 or CTRL+CursorUp. That's also what Apple writes on their help pages on Mission control. That user may have set non-standard keys for mission control?

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