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0000725DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Featurespublic2018-01-16 23:34
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Summary0000725: CCAP

A demo DCP is here

and also Carsten forwarded one from Harold but its 9GB.

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2015-10-26 11:51

reporter   ~0000921

What do we do with this? :)
I can see dark-green subtitles in DCP-o-matic ver.2.4.12 at top-right corner.


2015-10-26 12:02

administrator   ~0000922

The main thing is to support creation of DCPs with CCAP and this DCP shows what needs to be done. It would be nice if everything worked on import too.


2015-11-05 14:28

administrator   ~0000956


2017-09-04 02:38

reporter   ~0001810

I believe that the link for the demo DCP in the Description section is wrong. It goes to a non-link.
Since the DCP changes from time to time, the best link is:

Furthermore, there is another ISDCF document that has a few subtle points to make in the use of Closed Captions
ISDCF Document 10 - Subtitles and Captions in Digital Cinema at:


2017-09-04 12:07

manager   ~0001811

We should probably dig up some sites with CCAP hardware for testing. I am pretty sure Harold Hallikainen would also look over some test files.

  • Carsten


2017-09-04 23:44

administrator   ~0001812

@carl: basics are in libdcp git and ccap branch. First major difficulty is that DCP could have both subtitle & ccap, and the metadata format can't cope as all the tags for video/audio/subtitle are dumped into one parent.


2017-09-11 21:38

administrator   ~0001819

@carl: perhaps this should be treated using subtitle streams; i.e. FFmpeg and DCP have multiple streams and we have a subtitle stream and a CCAP one.

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