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0000752DCP-o-maticBugspublic2018-10-17 20:14
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Summary0000752: Colour fringing / anti-aliasing / something on outlined subs in preview


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related to 0000936 closedcarl Miscoloured subtitles when burning into existing DCP content 



2015-11-17 11:32


fringing.png (298,999 bytes)


2015-11-17 17:58

administrator   ~0000992

Looks like possibly windows-only.


2015-11-17 18:00

reporter   ~0000993

Probably it is so. I tried on Ubuntu and didn't see anything like that


2015-11-17 22:12

administrator   ~0000999

Can't reproduce it on Windows either. Maybe a font thing...?


2016-04-11 14:28

reporter   ~0001191

Last edited: 2016-04-11 14:29

I have this same problem on Mac OS X... Tried Arial and Tahoma. Same thing happens.

EDIT: it is also visible in DCP with burned in subtitles...


2016-04-11 15:21

manager   ~0001192

Looks okay in 2.7.11 under OS X 10.6.8

I guess some combinations of font size and outlining could create such issues. Also, when burning in subtitles, the J2C could create similar looking artifacts, because the hard-edged, high contrast chars undergo the J2C compression.

Carl - does DOM apply some antialiasing when burning in subtitles? Could be advisable. Make it a feature request ... ;-)


2016-04-11 16:38

reporter   ~0001194

I'm using 10.11.3 and latest version. Scale is 100%x100%... Also, edges look jagged. Maybe anti-aliasing would help. Also, it would be great to have option to change outline size, maybe use shadow instead... But that's feature request, not bug report :)


2016-04-12 02:57

reporter   ~0001197

I see it with Linux Fedora 22 (but only in DOM, not in the DCP!)


2016-04-20 16:39

reporter   ~0001209

When I make burned-in subtitles, they have exactly the same look as in DOM... Strange thing is - I made DCP before realising this using exactly the same settings. Maybe I just had older version of DOM and they didn't have any issues with burned in subtitles.


2016-05-10 20:58

reporter   ~0001233

Any news on this issue? I'm experiencing it in newest version - 2.8.0... Really important issue for me :(

I'm making burn ins and having this issue.


2016-05-11 11:21

manager   ~0001234

Can you supply a demo project (incl. font) and screen grab from the MXF? VLC will do screen grabs from J2C MXFs.

  • Carsten


2016-05-11 12:23

reporter   ~0001235

Last edited: 2016-05-11 12:23

It happnes when I import DCP and want to burn in SRT subtitles. I just tried with importing video file to DOM and importing subtitles, setting outline... Looks good.

Screenshot from EasyDCP:

It is like this regardless of font used...


2016-05-11 12:27

manager   ~0001236

Maybe bring this to the forum or mailing list?

But it's an important fact it happens only when burning into an existing DCP/MXF. Does it happen without outlining, too?

  • Carsten


2016-05-11 12:33

manager   ~0001237

Hmm, I see a lot of compression artifacts around the titles. What data rate do you use?

Carl - I guess Anti-Aliasing is advisable. It's not a problem with timed-text, as a 1:1 pixel representation is overlayed on a J2c image. But when burning in, it can cause trouble.

You can probably reduce the effect a bit by using 'soft' colours for the titles, e.g. no full white/black.

In your example, the purple fringing is also visible in parts of the image around the title. I am nearly sure what you experience here is different from what the original reporter sees in the preview.

Your's is definitely J2C/compression artifact related.

  • Carsten


2016-05-11 12:37

reporter   ~0001238

That's bad JPEG from dropbox... Try this link:

It is like this regardless of bitrate and when using same colors and same titles. It happens in project with imported DCP and not in project with imported QT (for example ProRes)... It has to be something to do with importing DCP.


2016-05-11 12:47

manager   ~0001239

Makes no difference. Again, what datarate do you use?

Do you have a DCP-o-matic forum account? Better to bring this issue up there, this is not a discussion forum.

Interesting issue anyway, wondering what Carl is going to say about it.

Maybe there is a bug in the colorspace adoption between the J2C XYZ and the font sRGB. DOM needs to do decompress, inverse XYZ the image, overlay with title sRGB, then XYZ the composed result and recompress. He could also XYZ the title, leave the decompressed image in XYZ, compose and recompress to J2C. Could be something around this. Still a miracle why the fringing is only cyan and why it only occurs on certain parts of the title. But I guess Carl has something to work on now.

  • Carsten


2016-05-11 12:58

reporter   ~0001240

I usually use 220 mbps... But as I said - I eliminated that as a reason because I used different settings and it doesn't affect result.

It is like this in DOM preview and exactly the same in final DCP.


2016-05-11 13:17

reporter   ~0001241

My last post for now, as definitive confirmation that it has something to do with importing DCP:

I deleted DCP from project and imported QT file of the same film and same length (in same project with the same settings). No problems with titles... It just disappears and title outline looks great.


2016-05-11 16:52

administrator   ~0001242

Thanks chaps, I can see the problem with overlaying outlined subs on a DCP source here now.


2016-05-12 01:11

administrator   ~0001244

Hopefully fixed by 12eb3f36b30087c136a9855706450cbb01ffd7c2 and 631f905234537d2b0a24e9b3ff40f08a17c0fd8b. @cloud06: could you please try 2.8.2 from and let us know if it's any better?


2016-05-12 09:05

reporter   ~0001245

Thanks Carl, looks great now.


2016-05-12 14:18

administrator   ~0001246

Good news, thanks for letting us know.

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