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0000906DCP-o-maticBugspublic2018-10-17 20:15
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Target Version2.10.0 
Summary0000906: Can't import OV and VF

as the VF doesn't look at the OV to resolve references.

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2016-08-22 23:37

administrator   ~0001391

Last edited: 2016-08-22 23:39

Workflow isn't immediately obvious:

  1. Add OV folder: everything is OK as it's a complete DCP.
  2. Add VF folder: now what? OV+VF both in timeline?

Anything in the content list is on the timeline, so we either have to a) make the OV not appear in the timeline, or b) not have it in the content list in the first place.

b) would probably be

  1. Add VF folder: marked as "NEEDS OV" (like "NEEDS KDM")
  2. Right-click VF and add OV.

a/b) could be

  1. Add OV folder: everything ok.
  2. Add VF folder: both in timeline.
  3. Some menu option to remove OV and keep it magically in the VF.


  1. Add OV folder: everything ok.
  2. Add VF folder: OV disappears from timeline and is replaced by VF.

This seems a bit magic and there's no way back if you did want both in timeline (but why would you?)


2016-08-24 10:03

administrator   ~0001392


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