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0000989DCP-o-matic[All Projects] Bugspublic2018-10-17 19:15
Reportermarkusk Assigned Tocarl  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platform64-bitOSLinuxOS VersionArch
Product Version2.9.0 
Target Version2.10.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0000989: dcpomatic git (92dfe9454ef49363f49c1) : error: ‘av_get_default_channel_layout’ ... and some more

[ 11/341] Compiling src/lib/
../src/lib/ In constructor ‘AudioFilterGraph::AudioFilterGraph(int, int)’:
../src/lib/ error: ‘av_get_default_channel_layout’ was not declared in this scope
_channel_layout = av_get_default_channel_layout (16);
../src/lib/ error: ‘av_get_default_channel_layout’ was not declared in this scope
_channel_layout = av_get_default_channel_layout (_channels);
../src/lib/ In member function ‘virtual std::__cxx11::string AudioFilterGraph::src_parameters() const’:
../src/lib/ error: ‘av_get_channel_layout_string’ was not declared in this scope
av_get_channel_layout_string (layout, sizeof(layout), 0, _channel_layout);
../src/lib/ In member function ‘void AudioFilterGraph::process(boost::shared_ptr<const AudioBuffers>)’:
../src/lib/ error: ‘av_get_channel_layout_nb_channels’ was not declared in this scope
int const process_channels = av_get_channel_layout_nb_channels (_channel_layout);

Steps To Reproduce

compile git version on current Arch linux.

Additional Information

Installed Libs
libasdcp-cth 0.1.2-4
libcxml 0.15.1-3
libdcp-git 0.r1470.2429e8c-1
liblocked-sstream-git 0.r4.22163e0-1
libquickmail 0.1.22-1
libsub-git 0.r325.79ec1e0-1

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2016-10-31 15:44


config.log (46,412 bytes)


2016-10-31 16:08

administrator   ~0001502

Is that with FFmpeg from Arch?


2016-10-31 16:44

reporter   ~0001505


pacaur -Q |grep ffmpeg

ffmpeg 1:3.2-2
ffmpeg0.10 0.10.16-2
ffmpeg2.8 2.8.7-4
ffmpegthumbnailer 2.1.1-1


2016-10-31 17:21

reporter   ~0001509

extra/ffmpeg 1:3.2-2 [Installiert]
extra/ffmpeg2.8 2.8.7-4 [Installiert]
extra/ffmpegthumbnailer 2.1.1-1 [Installiert]
extra/gst-libav 1.9.90+2+g108b08c-1 [Installiert]


2016-11-01 18:12

reporter   ~0001515

Just did a complete recheck with a new VM installing fresh and then libcxml-git liblocked-socket-git libdcp-git libsub-git dcpomatic-git using the attached vagrant file


2016-11-01 18:15


Vagrantfile (2,990 bytes)
# -*- mode: ruby -*-
# vi: set ft=ruby :

# All Vagrant configuration is done below. The "2" in Vagrant.configure
# configures the configuration version (we support older styles for
# backwards compatibility). Please don't change it unless you know what
# you're doing.
Vagrant.configure(2) do |config|
  # The most common configuration options are documented and commented below.
  # For a complete reference, please see the online documentation at

  # Every Vagrant development environment requires a box. You can search for
  # boxes at = "terrywang/archlinux"

  # Disable automatic box update checking. If you disable this, then
  # boxes will only be checked for updates when the user runs
  # `vagrant box outdated`. This is not recommended.
  # config.vm.box_check_update = false

  # Create a forwarded port mapping which allows access to a specific port
  # within the machine from a port on the host machine. In the example below,
  # accessing "localhost:8080" will access port 80 on the guest machine.
  # "forwarded_port", guest: 80, host: 8080

  # Create a private network, which allows host-only access to the machine
  # using a specific IP.
  # "private_network", ip: ""

  # Create a public network, which generally matched to bridged network.
  # Bridged networks make the machine appear as another physical device on
  # your network.
  # "public_network"

  # Share an additional folder to the guest VM. The first argument is
  # the path on the host to the actual folder. The second argument is
  # the path on the guest to mount the folder. And the optional third
  # argument is a set of non-required options.
  # config.vm.synced_folder "../data", "/vagrant_data"

  # Provider-specific configuration so you can fine-tune various
  # backing providers for Vagrant. These expose provider-specific options.
  # Example for VirtualBox:
  config.vm.provider "virtualbox" do |vb|
     # Display the VirtualBox GUI when booting the machine
     #vb.gui = truexs

     # Customize the amount of memory on the VM:
     vb.memory = "2560"

  # View the documentation for the provider you are using for more
  # information on available options.

  # Define a Vagrant Push strategy for pushing to Atlas. Other push strategies
  # such as FTP and Heroku are also available. See the documentation at
  # for more information.
  # config.push.define "atlas" do |push|
  # end

  # Enable provisioning with a shell script. Additional provisioners such as
  # Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Salt, and Docker are also available. Please see the
  # documentation for more information about their specific syntax and use.
  config.vm.provision "shell", inline: <<-SHELL
     sudo pacman -Syu  --noconfirm
Vagrantfile (2,990 bytes)


2016-11-02 12:26

administrator   ~0001516

Should be fixed by 58b5c57c9a4767c786a1428f243c60ff52c82c26 in master.

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