Chapter 8. Templates

If you frequently make DCPs with similar settings you may find it useful to use templates.

Say, for example, you often make 4K feature DCPs from video files in ’scope at 25fps. You can speed up this process by following these steps:

Then in the future you can create a new film, tick the Template box and choose your previously-saved template. The basic film's settings will come from your template, and when you add some content it will take on the settings of the first similarly-typed piece of content in your template.

For example, if the template has a piece of video content and some subtitles, any video that you add to the new film will take on the settings of the video in the template. Similarly, any subtitles that you add will take on the settings of the subtitles from the template.

The following settings from the DCP tab are saved in templates:

In addition, the settings (but not the filenames) of any content in the template are stored, as discussed above. The status of the Keep video and subtitles in sequence checkbox from the timeline is also preserved.