Chapter 16. Loose ends

This chapter collects a few notes on bits of DCP-o-matic that do not fit elsewhere in the manual.

Resuming encodes

If you cancel a DCP encoding run half-way through, or your computer crashes... fear not. DCP-o-matic takes care to ensure that, in most cases, it can resume encoding from where it left off. When you re-start a DCP creation, using the same settings are a previous run, DCP-o-matic will first check that the existing picture frames are correct, and then resume from where it left off. The checking of existing frames does take some time, but it is much faster than running a full re-encode.

This resumption is achieved by writing a digest (hash) to disk for every image frame that is written. On resumption, the existing MXF file for image data is read and its contents checked against the hashes.