Writing a DCP to a disk

Starting up the Disk Writer will give open a confirmation window to make sure that you understand the risks involved, as shown in Figure 20.1, “Starting the Disk Writer”.

Figure 20.1. Starting the Disk Writer

Starting the Disk Writer

If you are sure you want to continue, type I am sure into the text box and click OK. This will open the window shown in Figure 20.2, “The Disk Writer”.

Figure 20.2. The Disk Writer

The Disk Writer

Next, click Open... and choose the DCP that you want to write.

Now we need to choose the drive that the DCP will be written to from the drop-down menu. Whichever drive you choose will be irretrievably wiped! If the drive you want is not listed, click Refresh to search the system for drives.

Finally, click Copy DCP. After a confirmation window, the drive will be formatted, and the DCP copied and then read back to check that it was written correctly.