29th March 2018

A good morning to Basement Games in Vancouver, Canada!

25th March 2018

DCP-o-matic 2.12.3 was released. This is a bug-fix release which corrects two problems with 2.12.2: It also contains an updated fr_FR translation from Thierry Journet. Thanks Thierry! Download it from here.

22nd March 2018

DCP-o-matic 2.12.2 was released.

The most significant changes in this release are:

There are also the usual set of translation updates, bug fixes and assorted new small features. Here's a full list:

Translation updates

zh_CN 刘汉源 and Rov (若文)
cs_CZ Tomáš Begeni
nl_NL Rob van Nieuwkerk
fr_FR Thierry Journet
uk_UA and ru_RU Igor Voytovich
de_DE Carsten Kurz
pl_PL Mike Mazur
es_ES Manuel AC
da_DK Anders Uhl Pedersen
pt_BR Max Fuhlendorf
sv_SE Adam Klotblixt

Major bug fixes

New features

Minor bug fixes

Thanks to 刘汉源, Rov (若文), Tomáš Begeni, Rob van Nieuwkerk, Thierry Journet, Igor Voytovich, Julian van Mil, Carsten Kurz, Mike Mazur, Manuel AC, Anders Uhl Pedersen and Adam Klotblixt.

Download it from here.

13th March 2018

24fps encoding has now been seen in the wild, thanks to Andrea Bonaldo's AMD 1950X “Threadripper”! Take a look at the benchmarks.

28th February 2018

Hello to sub4u in Linkebeek, Belgium!

28th February 2018

A really big thank-you goes out to our February supporters:

Your donations are an enourmous source of help and support to the DCP-o-matic project. Thank you!

21st February 2018

Welcome along to a long-time user and supporter, the Z-fest Film Project in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

20th February 2018

And a big hello to the Tennessee Aquarium IMAX in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA.

15th February 2018

A warm welcome to our 301st DCP-o-matic user, Filmhuis Cavia in Amsterdam, The Netherlands! Here's to 400.

14th February 2018

Welcome to Gofilex in Zeist, The Netherlands and an especially big thankyou to Mart Jansink for his contributions to DCP-o-matic's KDM code!

10th February 2018

A very good evening to Jill at the Kennett Palace Theater in Missouri!

7th February 2018

Six years ago today, somewhere in the North of England (quite possibly in a projection booth, I can't remember), DCP-o-matic (or DVD-o-matic as it was then) was ushered into existance with the following slightly inauspicious git commit:

commit a12412b33925ddfef4c4525882e1219ac21a0c62
Author: Carl Hetherington 
Date:   Tue Feb 7 09:57:14 2012 +0000

    ffmpeg test does something.

9301 commits later, here we are! Happy birthday DCP-o-matic!

2nd February 2018

A good afternoon to Meemprod S.a.r.l. in Beiruit, Lebabnon, the latest addition to our users' list.

31st January 2018

An enormous thank-you goes out to our January supporters:

Your donations are a massive source of help and support to the DCP-o-matic project. Thank you!

24th January 2018

A big welcome to La CinéFabrique in Lyon, France, a new addition to our users' list!

17th January 2018

I'm testing an interstitial page which suggests a donation when you download DCP-o-matic. If you have any problems downloading, do get in touch.

14th January 2018

Welcome San Digital DCP Lab in Samutpakran, Thailand to the users' list.

10th January 2018

A warm welcome to Cinema Trindade in Porto, Portugal, and also Yutthana Seneewong of Green Retina Film Post, our first user in Thailand!

2nd January 2018

A happy new year to a new user in Brazil: Sem Rumo in Belo Horizonte.

1st January 2018

Happy new year! If you use DCP-o-matic regularly and you want to get 2018 off to a flying start, why not become a subscriber by to the project?

14th December 2017

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed that some of the downloads on dcpomatic.com are being hosted from a domain on digitaloceanspaces.com. Don't worry — this is just because it's more cost-effective to host them using this new DigitalOcean feature. Recent release versions are still hosted directly on dcpomatic.com.

7th December 2017

My inbox is down to 150 messages! I'm sorry if I haven't replied to something you have sent... it's coming...

6th December 2017

A belated good evening to Cinéma l'Atalante in Bayonne, France.

13th November 2017

A good evening to Filmfabrik — Kino im Komm in Nuremberg, Germany!

8th November 2017

Good evening and welcome to Cinéma International in Cannes, France!

18th October 2017

Good morning to our second Greek user, the Danaos Cinema in Athens!

13th October 2017

A big hello to Escuela de Imagen y Sonido de La Coruña in Spain, the 284th addition to our users' list!

4th October 2017

Good evening to the FEST New Directors New Films Festival in Espinho, Portugal!

23rd September 2017

Hello to 24p Cinema Digital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

It's a busy time for me here at DCP-o-matic HQ but normal service will resume shortly.

18th September 2017

Good evening to Image & Son Brest in France!

9th September 2017

A very good evening to Clato Pictures Filmstudio in Schaffhausen, Switzerland and Central da Cor in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

11th August 2017

A midlands-style welcome to New Style Radio in Birmingham, England, who I have just added to our users list.

24th July 2017

A very good evening to Sputnik Kino in Berlin.

19th July 2017

Good evening to a couple of new users: Rex-Filmpalast and Cineplex in Pforzheim, Germany and Cine Imperator 3D in Macapá, Brazil!

7th June 2017

A good Yorkshire afternoon to the Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds!

3rd June 2017

A hearty good afternoon to the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London!

29th May 2017

Good evening to the Uni Film Club at the TU University of Dortmund, Germany.

19th May 2017

A very good afternoon to Baltoppenbio in Ballerup, Denmark!

9th May 2017

A big UK-style good evening to Warwick Student Cinema at the University of Warwick!

7th May 2017

Good evening to Jigger Pictures in Mülheim an der Ruhr in Germany who are using DCP-o-matic for the feature film “Pottkinder — ein Heimatfilm”.

4th May 2017

A warm welcome to the Cinéma Le Louxor in Paris, France!

2nd May 2017

There's a new test release 2.11.1 out. Do test it, but be aware that there have been lots of internal changes so stability has probably taken a hit.

I'm planning to tweak the version numbering a bit from now on: even minor versions will indicate ‘stable’ branches and odd minor versions will indicate ‘unstable’ — so 2.11.x is on unstable and I will turn it into 2.12.0 when it has calmed down a bit.

28th April 2017

A good morning to the Kirkgate Centre in Cockermouth, Cumbria!

18th April 2017

It has transpired that around noon GMT on 16th April the DCP-o-matic project in our bug database was deleted by actors unknown. It appears that they gained administrator rights in our installation of the Mantis bug tracker.

If you have a Mantis account and you use the same password on any other sites you are strongly advised to change this password everywhere it is used.

At the moment I don't think anything else on dcpomatic.com was compromised.

The bug tracker has been restored from a backup and I don't think much has been lost. If you added a bug or comment since 16th April you will need to re-add it.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

9th April 2017

DCP-o-matic 2.10.5 was released.

This is a bug-fix release which corrects one problem with 2.10.2:

Thanks to Eric Lesachet. Download it from here.

6th April 2017

A belated good afternoon to the David Lean Cinema in Croydon, London, England!

1st April 2017

Good evening to AV preservation by reto.ch in Ecublens, Lausanne, Switzerland.

29th March 2017

A big hello to the Port Fairy Film Society in Victoria, Australia!

15th March 2017

Good evening to Escuela de Audiovisuales in León, Spain and Six Shooters Showhall in Watford City, North Dakota, USA!

1st March 2017

A big hello to Lidköpings Folkets Hus in Lidköping, Sweden and thanks to Peter Ericson for the donation!

28th February 2017

Welcome along to Line Wood Audio Post Work in Nepal!

13th February 2017

Hello also to SPEC du Haut Richelieu in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Canada!

7th February 2017

Welcome to a particularly northern and distinguished user, The National Library of Norway in Mo i Rana!

5th February 2017

A big hello to Erhan Örs of Vejan Film in Istanbul, Turkey!

4th February 2017

Anyone near Regensburg in Germany may like to take part in a DCP-o-matic workshop with our very own Carsten Kurz on 19th and 20th of March. Sign up here!

3rd February 2017

Welcome also to the Barcaldine Radio Theatre in Queensland, Australia!

31st January 2017

We're on a users' list roll! Welcome to Cinema Art Pvt. Ltd in Kathmandu, Nepal!

30th January 2017

A big welcome to Triplenode post-production of Vilnius, Lithunia, the 52nd country on the list!

26th January 2017

Good evening to Lamezia Terme in Italy, home of Kairos Group and Cinema Teatro Grandinetti, new entries on the users' list!

12th January 2017

Hello and a happy new year to Studio2 in Chernivitsi, Ukraine!

25th December 2016

Hello and happy $WINTER_FESTIVAL to akaDCP!

21st December 2016

I have added the CINANIMA festival to the users' list: welcome!

11th December 2016

DCP-o-matic 2.10.2 was released.

This is a bug-fix release which corrects two problems with 2.10.1:

It also adds Fedora 25 packages. Download it from here.

25th November 2016

Hello and welcome to Filmhuis Heemskerk in The Netherlands and Mal Seh'n Kino in Germany!

18th November 2016

DCP-o-matic 2.10.1 was released.


New features

Bug fixes

Thanks to Rov (若文), 刘汉源, Carsten Kurz, Rob van Nieuwkerk, Thierry Journet, Tomáš Begeni, Manuel AC and Igor Voytovich.

We have added nineteen new supporters since 2.9.0: thanks to Brian Mendelssohn, Richard Malmberg, Olov Östlund, Jean-Pierre Beauviala, Vasiliy Popov, Anders Olsson, Andrea Maguolo, Stephen Furley, Central Cinema, Mathew Johns, Marco Löber, Brett Friedman, P. Meijer, Dan Cohen, Tomasz Jagi, Alabama Kino, Henrik Jäger, James Kirst and Fabio Bozzoli.

Thanks also to our regular monthly supporter Film.Ca Inc. Download it from here.

16th November 2016

Good morning and welcome to INDYVIDEO in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

13th November 2016

It's nice to hear from our first user in Costa Rica, the Costa Rica International Film Festival in San José!

12th November 2016

Version 2.9.40 is a release candidate for version 2.10.0 of DCP-o-matic. If you get the chance, please test and report any show-stopping problems!

10th November 2016

Firstly, welcome Il Cinema Del Carbone in Mantova, Italy onto the users' list.

Secondly, the current test versions are essentially beta-tests for 2.10.0 which will be released in the next few days. If you find any show-stopping problems, please report them on Mantis or email the mailing list.

6th November 2016

Welcome to the users' list, Slieker Film in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands!

31st October 2016

Here's a nice article on Pro Tools Expert about using DCP-o-matic to make some 4K/5.1 DCPs for a conference.

28th October 2016

I just added two new users in Portugal: Cinema Sandim in Vila Nova de Gaia and Cinema ao Ar Livre in Porto. Welcome!

25th October 2016

A chilly British “good morning” to The Broad Theater in New Orleans, Louisiana!

25th October 2016

Also, translators: start your engines! 2.10.0 is imminent (ish) so do let me know if you can help to fix any of our translations or add a new one...

21st October 2016

And a further welcome to La Cinématèque Française in Paris!

19th October 2016

Welcome along to the users' list to Cinema Teatro Pioxi in Brescia, Italy!

7th October 2016

We have added two new users this morning, Apollon in Struer, Denmark and the Errol Flynn Filmhouse in Northampton, England!

3rd October 2016

Other messages have come in from INSAS in Belgium and Cinémathèque de Grenoble in France: welcome to the users list!

1st October 2016

A further welcome to the Euroa Community Cinema in Victoria, Australia.

23rd September 2016

Welcome also to The Icelandic Film School and Cinema Odeon in Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy!

21st September 2016

Recently inducted into the DCP-o-matic users' list: the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio!

14th September 2016

A big hello to the Midway Drive-In in Dixon, Illinois and Kinoptikum in Landshut, Germany, the latest additions to the users' list.

9th July 2016

DCP-o-matic 2.9.0 was released.

This release has the following changes:


New features / improvements

Bug fixes

Thanks to Thierry Journet, Carsten Kurz, Igor Voytovich, Rob van Nieuwkerk, Tomáš Begeni, Max M. Fuhlendorf and Xenophon the Vampire.

We have added six new supporters since 2.8.0: thanks to Tomislav Stojanović, Paul Carey, Pascal Nussbaum, Robert Legato, Petter Trønsdal and Kino Völkerfreundschaft. Download it from here.

1st July 2016

And another hello to our first in Uruguay, Cine Chaplin in Melo, Cerro Largo!

30th June 2016

Hello to our first users in Greece: MIMO in Thessaloniki!

10th June 2016

I am pleased to hear that students at the CalArts School of Film/Video are using DCP-o-matic to make DCPs for festival submissions. Thanks for getting in touch!

8th June 2016

A big hello to the Transilvania International Film Festival which has been using DCP-o-matic!

31st May 2016

Welcome to the newest users on the list: Cinéma de Cinema 04 in Manosque, France and the York Student Cinema in York, England (at my old university!)

26th May 2016

Jamie from Atiigo Media just emailed to let us know that DCP-o-matic is in use in the Canadian Arctic, at the Astro Theatre in Iqaluit, Nunavet. Thanks Jamie!

24th May 2016

Hello to CDPC in France who are using DCP-o-matic to help with running their cinemas Cinéma La Turbine, Cinémas de Méribel, Ciné-Laudon, Cinéma Atmosphère and Ecran Mobile 74.

17th May 2016

Another two users have emailed in from Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia: the Australian International Animation Festival and the Animation and Visual Effects department at Charles Stuart University. Welcome!

16th May 2016

The Bournemouth Film School at Arts University Bournemouth is now added to the list of users. Welcome!

13th May 2016

Welcome to the users' list, NPH Cinema in St. Andrews, Scotland!

11th May 2016

Welcome to Arthouse Traffic, a film distribution company in Kyiv, Ukraine.

7th May 2016

An especially warm welcome to the 199th and 200th users on the list: Cinéma Jacques Tati and Le Méliès, both in France.

It is so nice to have added 200 cinemas, companies, organisations and users to the list over the past 4 years: it greatly warms my heart and encourages me to keep working on DCP-o-matic! Thank you to everyone that has been in touch, from Saffron Screen onwards :)

If you would like to be on the list, please do get in touch. There is no sinister motive: just to show doubters that real people use DCP-o-matic successfully, and to show me that it is worth the work.

Thank you and all the best,

1st May 2016

Hello and welcome to the Michigan Rocky Horror Preservation Society who are using DCP-o-matic to present their preshow material! Thanks for getting in touch!

29th April 2016

DCP-o-matic 2.8.0 was released.

This release includes:

Thanks to Fabio “Zak” Belli, Carsten Kurz, Tomáš Begeni, Tiago Casal Ribeiro, Rov (若文), Rob van Nieuwkerk, Thierry Journet, Igor Voytovich, Adam Klotblixt and Manuel AC.

We have added 9 new supporters since 2.7.0: thanks to Steve Reverand, Michal Moc, Gordon McLeod, David Armati Lechner, Mario Kalogjera, Denis Ivashvkevych, Film.Ca Inc, OpsCenter Technologies, Inc and JP Davidson. Download it from here.

18th April 2016

Hello and welcome to the 197th user on our list, Cinema Ideal in Lisbon, Portugal.

11th April 2016

DCP-o-matic is proud to have been added as a Technikpartner for filmkreis.de in Darmstadt, Germany. Thanks, Filmkreis Team!

14th March 2016

DCP-o-matic 2.7.1 was released.

This is a bug-fix release which corrects an intermittent crash on adjusting colourspace conversions. Download it from here.

8th March 2016

DCP-o-matic 2.7.0 was released.

This release links to a new version of the JPEG2000 library OpenJPEG and includes some new optimisation patches written by Aaron Boxer. These improvements should provide a 20% increase in encoding speed in most circumstances.

It also links to an updated version of the low-level DCP writing library asdcplib.

This release also includes:

Thanks to Rob van Nieuwkerk, Carsten Kurz, Igor Voytovich, Tomáš Hlaváč, Tomáš Begeni, Manuel AC and Thierry Journet.

We have added 19 new supporters since 2.6.3: thanks to Dave Fleegel, Kert Kiima, Mobiles Kino e.V., Gerhard Gruber, Desiderio Garcia Ramirez, Stéphane Wagneur, Aditya Pratama, Thierry Journet, George Mazarakis, Yohann Dedy, Karl Jacob, Gerard Manshanden, Nathan Carpenter, Juan Marin Lorenzo, Gregg Smith, the film Mandorla, Tito Oliveira, Denis Postle and Stefan Massopust.

Download it from here.

6th March 2016

Bonjour à Le Parvis dans les Pyrénées à Ibos!

23rd February 2016

A state-side hello to the Cape Cinema in Dennis, Massachusetts.

18th February 2016

Hello to the Kiruna Filmstudio in Sweden, another addition to the users list!

10th February 2016

And a further hello to Créatic in Lausanne, Switzerland!

9th February 2016

Hello to the Motion Picture Arts Program at the Recording Arts Institute of Saskatoon in Canada!

3rd February 2016

Good evening to our new user NT Next in Bergamo, Italy.

11th January 2016

A big intercontinental hello to the Chaplin Cinema in Sosnovoborsk, Russia.

7th January 2016

DCP-o-matic now has a new Slovak translation, thanks to Tomáš Hlaváč. Take a look at the internationalisation pages if you are interested in translating DCP-o-matic into your native language.

17th December 2015

A big hello to Philmworks Post Production in Wellington, New Zealand.

16th December 2015

Thanks to Rabauke Filmproduktion in Rostock, Germany for getting in touch and going onto the users' list.

9th December 2015

Linus Svahn has reported what appears to be a new record encode speed for DCP-o-matic: 48.53 frames per second on a network of 12 iMacs. Well done Linus!

8th December 2015

Hello and welcome to the Broadway Theatre in Medford, Wisconsin and thanks for the Bountysource donation!

4th December 2015

DCP-o-matic 2.6.3 was released.

This is a bug-fix release which corrects three problems:

Download it from here.

3rd December 2015

A big hello to the folks at EyeSteelFilm in Montréal, Canada.

2nd December 2015

DCP-o-matic 2.6.0 was released.

This version includes:

Thanks to Igor Voytovich, Rob van Nieuwkerk, Tiago Casal Ribeiro, Adam Klotblixt, Carsten Kurz and Thierry Journet.

Three new supporters have been added since 2.5.0: thanks to Peter Sprenger, Paweł Lipiński and Christian Suhren. Download it from here.

30th November 2015

Welcome to our first Belgian user, Thiry Productions Studios in Leuven!

29th November 2015

Hello to Cinema Star and Cinema Star St. Exupéry in Strasbourg!

20th November 2015

Welcome to our first Chinese user on the list, Alex Ma from Macau!

15th November 2015

Welcome to two more entries on the users' list:

10th November 2015

I just made a test version with packages for Fedora 23 and Ubuntu 15.10. Let us know if you have problems with them.

9th November 2015

Welcome Centro Multimeios de Espinho, Portugal to the users' list!

4th November 2015

DCP-o-matic 2.5.0 was released.

This release includes:

Thanks to Rob van Nieuwkerk, Igor Voytovich, Marek Skrzelowski, Davide Dall'AraCiao, Anders Uhl Pedersen, Tiago Casal Ribeiro, Thierry Journet and Lilian Lefranc.

Three new supporters have been added since 2.4.0: thanks to Erwan Kerzanet, Daniel Martinez Lara and Silvio Bonomi. Download it from here.

3rd November 2015

If you would like to make a donation to support DCP-o-matic's ongoing development, but you would rather not use Paypal, perhaps you would prefer to use the new Bountysource page for DCP-o-matic. If you try it, do let me know what you think.

2nd November 2015

A big welcome to Mozi Reklám who are using DCP-o-matic in Pólus Mozi and Sugár Mozi in Budapest, Hungary.

29th October 2015

Welcome to the Glumsø Biograf og Kulturhus in Denmark and the Roxy in Örebro, Sweden!

19th October 2015

Hello and welcome to the Dominican Republic in the form of the DR Trailer House!

16th October 2015

Hungary is the 40th country to be added to the users' list!. Welcome to Gödöllői Városi Filmszínház and Petőfi Mozi.

14th October 2015

Hello and welcome to two new Italian entries on the users' list: Daniele Silvestri of Soul Sound Multimedia in Rome and Cinema Agorà in Bergamo.

12th October 2015

Welcome to Kinodvor in Ljubljana, Slovenia, part of the 39th country on the users' list!

9th October 2015

Welcome Cine-Teatro della Rossa in Albavilla, Italy to the users' list.

5th October 2015

DCP-o-matic 2.4.0 was released.

Changes in this release:

Thanks to Mirjam Bromundt and Thierry Journet. Download it from here.

1st October 2015

Welcome to Barz and Hippo and Cinema Beltrade in Milan, Italy!

28th September 2015

Hello and welcome to Century Cinemas in County Donegal.

22nd September 2015

Welcome to another cinema: CineTeatro Don Bosco in Carugate, Italy.

20th September 2015

Welcome to another user for the list: Cinema Vittoria in Loiano, Italy!

18th September 2015

Welcome Folkets Hus in Ulricehamn, Sweden to the users list.

15th September 2015

DCP-o-matic 2.3.0 was released.

This is a major new version of DCP-o-matic. It includes the following features not present in 1.x:

Download it from here.

14th September 2015

DCP-o-matic 1.83.0 was released.

This release includes:

Thanks to Igor Voytovich, Manuel AC and Thierry Journet. Download it from here.

11th September 2015

Welcome to Subrata Sen Communications in Kolkata, India!

11th September 2015

And a further welcome to The Cinertain mobile drive-in in Bakersfield, California, USA.

10th September 2015

Welcome to two drive-ins and a theatre in California:

Those three take the list count to over 150! Do get in touch if you would like to be added.

8th September 2015

Hello and welcome to the Choice City Film Festival in Colorado, USA.

7th September 2015

Welcome to several new additions to the users' list:

and three cinemas managed by ‘les Vrais Instants de l'Image’ in France:

Thanks to all for getting in touch.

6th September 2015

Version 2.1.56 is a release candidate for version 2.2 of DCP-o-matic. Any final testing is welcome before 2.2.0 is released in the next day or so...

29th August 2015

DCP-o-matic 1.82.0 was released. This release includes:

Thanks to Anders Uhl Pedersen and Patrick Haderer. Download it from here.

18th August 2015

Welcome to Folkets Bio Umeå in Sweden, the latest addition to the users' map!

26th July 2015

DCP-o-matic 1.81.0 was released.

This release includes:

Thanks to Carsten Kurz, Marek Skrzelowski, Thierry Journet and Igor Voytovich. Download it from here.

22nd June 2015

Welcome to Ciné2520 in La Neuveville, Switzerland and The Customs House, South Shields, England: new additions to the users list and map.

14th June 2015

DCP-o-matic version 2 is now in beta test. Take a look if you are interested in giving it a spin.

10th June 2015

Welcome also to the Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England.

29th May 2015

Welcome to Kino Kosmos in Katowice, Poland and Mount Vic Flicks in Mount Victoria, New South Wales, Australia — the newest additions to the users list and map.

15th May 2015

DCP-o-matic 1.79.0 was released.

Important notes for this release:

Changes in this version

Translation updates

Bug fixes


New features

Thanks to Dennis Couzin, Igor Voytovich, Thierry Journet and Carsten Kurz.

Three new supporters have been added since 1.78.0: thanks to Frechen-Film e.V., Adrian Manolescu and Raoul Walzer. Download it from here.

20th March 2015

DCP-o-matic 1.78.0 was released. This version includes:

Thanks to Carsten Kurz, Igor Voytovich, Christian Hove, Jose Angel Velasco Fernandez, Steve Smail, Markus Raab, Davide Sanvito, Thierry Journet and Manuel AC.

Six new supporters have been added since 1.77.0: thanks to Jose Angel Velasco Fernandez, Christopher Gray, Rui Pereira, Lawrence Towers, Frank Wenz and Roland Wirtz. Download it from here.

7th March 2015

As of version 2.2.0 the marvellous VLC can now play DCPs! I have been experimenting with it a little today on a i3 laptop, using:

vlc dcp:///path/to/DCP

and although the CPU can't keep up with the video, it does at least try. I'd be interested to hear of anyone else's experience.

20th January 2015

DCP-o-matic 1.77.0 was released. This version includes:

Thanks to Mike Blakesley, Carsten Kurz, David Nedrow, Thierry Journet, Mark Rolfe, Lilian Lefranc, Manuel AC and Elad Saad.

Eight new supporters have been added since 1.76.0: thanks to Eric Audurier, Maxime Estoppey, Patrick Haderer, Гуляев Михаил, David Nedrow, Jerome Cohen Olivar, Richard Turner and Johannes Wilbrand. Download it from here.

20th October 2014

DCP-o-matic 1.76.0 was released.

This version includes

Thanks to Carsten Kurz, Cherif Ben Brahim and Raymond Steers. Download it from here.

28th September 2014

The Kookaburra Outdoor Cinema in Mundaring, Western Australia has just been added as the 100th user on the users' list. It's nice to have you all! If you use DCP-o-matic and would like to be added to the list, please get in touch.

29th August 2014

DCP-o-matic 1.73.0 was released.

This version includes:

Thanks to Carsten Kurz, Grégoire Ausina, Will Meadows and Jamie Rokovetsky. Download it from here.

19th August 2014

Over the weekend, a set of 8 short films from the 2013 Aesthetica Short Film Festival was shown in 25 Picturehouse Cinemas across the UK. The DCP for the screening was encoded with our very own DCP-o-matic.

24th July 2014

A big welcome to the users' map for the Nambour Art-House Cinema in Queensland, Australia and the Vogue Theatre in Manistee, Michigan, USA.

21st July 2014

Ubuntu 13.10 reached end-of-life on July 17th, so I plan to stop offering downloads of DCP-o-matic for this version. If this causes you problems, please get in touch.

7th July 2014

I just added the Grandview Theatre in Columbus, Ohio to the users' list. Hello!

1st July 2014

DCP-o-matic 1.72.0 was released. This release includes: Thanks to Matthias Damm and Daniel Chauvet. Download it from here.

26th June 2014

DCP-o-matic 1.70.0 was released. This version includes: Thanks to Sumit Guha, Pradeep, Carsten Kurz, Matthias Damm, Bill Hamell and Daniel Chauvet. Download it from here.

24th June 2014

A big hello to our second Austrian cinema, Admiral Kino in Vienna!

24th June 2014

In other news, Carsten Kurz has provided an enormous set of benchmarks for a wide variety of machines. You can see the details in the benchmarks bit of the site.

As far as I know he is the current DCP-o-matic Olympics record holder with 17.30 frames-per-second encoded on a network of 7 Macs!

Thank you Carsten!

21st June 2014

Welcome to the Kino Janosik in Żywiec, Poland: a new user on the list.

18th June 2014

Hello to two new entries on the users' list from Los Angeles: the American Cinemateque theatres in Hollywood and Santa Monica.

18th June 2014

I have just noticed that PhpBB has not been telling me about new user registrations on the forum for quite some time. I've just enabled a load of accounts. Sorry about that!

11th June 2014

Welcome to Cinema Grenier à Sal!

8th June 2014

Hello to the Regina cinema in Östersund, Sweden — just added to the users' list.

1st June 2014

I've just added the Cityplex Metropolitan in Palermo, Italy to the users' list, so welcome!

1st June 2014

Also, I am informed that Benjamin Mayet's recent short Droite comme la Justice (which you can watch on DailyMotion) was converted to DCP using DCP-o-matic for the Imaginales festival in Epinal, France.

28th May 2014

Hello to the Melville Theatre in Saskatchewan, Canada, a new addition to the users' list!

22nd May 2014

Ubuntu 12.10 reached end-of-life on May 16th 2014. Accordingly I have removed .deb downloads for 12.10 from the download pages.

Please let me know if this is a problem.

22nd May 2014

I'm now on Twitter as @dcpomatic if such things grab you...

19th May 2014

The latest test release has some fairly large changes to try to fix slow encodes from multiple TIFF/DPX/etc. source files.

If anyone is using those it would be great if you'd try it out and let me know how you get on. Thanks!

16th May 2014

Another user: welcome cineloop Kino-Marketing in Berlin.

15th May 2014

Word has reached us from old blighty as the Bede Film Society in Durham checks in to the users list. Hello Northern England!

15th May 2014

Also, I have just updated the list with details of our first Kiwi user, the Embassy Cinema in Thames. Hi :)

14th May 2014

Hello to Prado Stadium 12 in Bonita Springs, Florida, a new entry on the users list!

9th May 2014

We welcome the Internationale Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg in Germany to the users list.

5th May 2014

DCP-o-matic 1.69.0 was released.

This version includes:

Thanks to Gérald Maruccia, Adam Colt, Thierry Journet, Theo Kooijmans, Max Aeschlimann, Andy Neddermeyer, Manual AC and Matthias Damm. Download it from here.

27th April 2014

I have moved dcpomatic.com to a new server and given it a bit of a spring clean. If you have any problems with the site, please let me know.

21st April 2014

Ubuntu 13.04 reached end-of-life on 27th January 2014. I've removed the builds of DCP-o-matic for 13.04 from the downloads page.

Please let me know if that is a big problem.

4th April 2014

Frédéricq Bianchet has made use of DCP-o-matic to encode his new documentary film “Vive la Récré (Playground Style)”. Look out for it in a cinema near you! A trailer (subtitled in English from the French soundtrack) is linked from here.

9th March 2014

DCP-o-matic 1.66.0 was released. This release features:

Thanks to Markus Raab. Download it from here.

5th March 2014

DCP-o-matic 1.65.0 was released.

This version includes:

Thanks to William Fanelli, Ivan Pullman, lukegb and Adam Colt. Download it from here.

5th March 2014

The late lamented DVD-o-matic (and DCP-o-matic) has been mentioned in a nice article by Paul Willmott (of Saffron Screen) in the March issue of Cinema Technology Magazine. Anyone can read it provided they sign up first. Thanks Paul!

30th January 2014

DCP-o-matic 1.64.0 was released.

This version adds some new features:

There are also some bug fixes:

Thanks to Adam Colt, Luke, Thierry Journet, Denzil Kriekenbeek, Brad Miller, Markus Raab and Adam Klotblixt for their suggestions, bug reports and contributions. Download it from here.

6th January 2014

DCP-o-matic 1.57 was released.

This version adds a nascent dcpomatic_create (for creating DCPs on the command line) and also adds more careful exception handling.

In addition there is a fix for some problems with opening large content files on Windows.

There is also a new de_DE translation from Markus Raab. Thanks Markus! Download it from here.

29th December 2013

DCP-o-matic 1.53 was released.

This version fixes some bugs:

and adds a few small things:

Download it from here.

17th December 2013

Much unlike an English cricketer, we have hit 50 (users) on the list and the map! Do let me know if you'd like to be added.

10th December 2013

DCP-o-matic 1.42 was released. Compared to version 1.34 this has some new features: It also has some bug fixes: Download it from here.

7th December 2013

It has been suggested that it would be useful to have a list of confirmed-working combinations of DCP-o-matic version and server/projector models.

If you have witnessed the glorious sight of a DCP-o-matic-created DCP working correctly on a DCI system, if would be great to hear from you with details of:

Details of tests reported so far are on a list. Thanks!

1st December 2013

I made a map of the DVD/DCP-o-matic users' list, which is nice. Do let me know if you'd like to join in.

29th November 2013

Special ‘Black Friday’ offer: DCP-o-matic is still free and open-source.

23rd November 2013

DCP-o-matic 1.34 was released.

This fixes the OS X and Windows installers to actually work... sorry! Download it from here.

22nd November 2013

DCP-o-matic 1.33 was released.

This makes discovery of specified servers actually work, and should fix crashes when servers and clients are using different locales. Download it from here.

16th November 2013

Thanks to the hard work of Stefan Karner, we now have Arch Linux packages of DCP-o-matic. Thanks Stefan!

14th November 2013

We now have a forum where anyone can talk about DCP-o-matic (or indeed anything else...)

13th November 2013

DCP-o-matic 1.29 was released.

This fixes a crash on the audio summary view, and possibly others. Download it from here.

12th November 2013

DCP-o-matic 1.28 was released.

This version fixes a nasty bug when using multiple video content files (causing slow-downs and large memory usage).

It also fixes:

Download it from here.

10th November 2013

I just created an IRC channel for DCP-o-matic on freenode.net: you can use freenode's web interface to join in...

7th November 2013

DCP-o-matic 1.27 was released.

This release auto-detects encoding servers on the local subnet. Servers can also be added during an encoding run and they will be picked up and used.

There are also various bug fixes, mostly related to trimming of content.

The download page now includes an ISO of a bootable live Debian image which auto-starts the DCP-o-matic server. Boot this from a CD or USB key on a nearby PC and watch your encoding speed increase! Download it from here.

23rd October 2013

DCP-o-matic 1.20 was released.

This version adds the ability to load in previous films with missing content, and then to fix the content locations. Download it from here.

22nd October 2013

DCP-o-matic 1.19 was released.

This version just fixes incorrect gamma values for the Rec. 709 colour preset. Note that if you have been using 1.18 the preset will not be updated. Download it from here.

20th October 2013

DCP-o-matic 1.18 was released.

This version fixes a few bugs:

There are also some improvements with progress reporting and a couple of other minor fixes. Download it from here.

16th October 2013

DCP-o-matic 1.16 was released.

This version adds or restores a few small features:

Download it from here.

14th October 2013

DCP-o-matic 1.15 was released.

This version fixes more startup problems on OS X and a few crashes in the KDM generation dialogue. Download it from here.

13th October 2013

DCP-o-matic 1.14 was released.

This version fixes an error message at the end of the encode (on Windows) and a complete failure to start on OS X. Download it from here.

11th October 2013

DCP-o-matic 1.11 was released.

This fixes some errors in the digital signatures applied to CPLs and PKLs. Download it from here.

10th October 2013

DCP-o-matic 1.10 was released.

This version fixes some installation problems on Windows and has a couple of fixes for KDM generation. Download it from here.

8th October 2013

DCP-o-matic 1.07 was released.

This version adds basic encryption support: you can create encrypted DCPs and KDMs to unlock them. Any testing is very welcome. Download it from here.

28th August 2013

There is now a first release of DCP-o-matic: the newly-renamed and somewhat updated version of DVD-o-matic. It's probably best avoided if your life depends on it working, but any testing would be very much appreciated.